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While RV’s are built to last, an RV repair – like with any automobile – is inevitable. Rest assured that our experts at Bucars in Calgary will do everything we can to have you back up and running and enjoying your RV again in no time. We call that “Bucars Ready.”

Our technicians have over 225 years of combined experience, so we’ve seen it all and fixed it all many times before. Plus, our diagnostic skills are the equal of any physician’s. So we’ll solve the problem fast and at a fair price.

Bucars’ 16-bay RV Service Department in Calgary is what really makes us refreshingly different. This is where our Certified RV Technicians work tirelessly on any RV needing care and attention. Plus, our trained Service Writers are some of the best around. They’re knowledgeable about RVing, RV components and are completely sympathetic to your needs.

No one wants to deal with RV service issues but we have you covered. Whether you require an RV roof repair, RV bearing repack, hitch install or warranty work done on your RV, our job is to make your experience the best one possible. And we know we do a great job of that.

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RV Service Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I bring my RV in for servicing?

To properly maintain your RV and to catch any issues your RV may have before they become major problems you should bring your RV in for service annually.

What are some of the most important maintenance services for RVs?

For trailers some of the most important maintenance services that should be done regularly are running gear maintenance and ensuring roof and window seals are still in good shape. For motorhomes a couple of maintenance services that should be done regularly are chassis maintenance and regular inspection and maintenance of the roof and seals.

What are the best ways to prolong the longevity of my RV?

One of the most important things you can do to prolong the longevity of your RV is regular inspections of your roof and seals. If any leaks make their way into your RV they can cause major damage. Prolonged exposure to water can cause rot and mold in your RV, significantly reducing its lifespan. Another important thing to do to prolong the lifespan of your RV is to bring it in for annual maintenance. Having an expert inspect your RV and fix any problems before they become major issues will have your RV in great shape for many years to come.

How can you achieve better gas mileage when towing a trailer?

There are a few things you can do to ensure you are getting better gas mileage when towing your trailer. One of most important things you can do to ensure you are getting the best mileage is to make sure your trailer has proper tire pressure. Over inflated and under inflated tires can have a major impact on gas mileage. Another key to ensuring you are getting the most out of every tank of gas when towing a trailer is bringing your trailer in for regular maintenance. Ensuring the bearings are packed properly, the running gear is in good shape and other maintenance can have a major impact on your gas mileage.

How can you save more battery power while camping?

Installing LED lighting in your RV can have a major impact on saving power. If you are draining battery power quicker than you’d like upgrading to LED lighting can make a big difference. In addition to upgrading lighting only using items like your lights, furnace and appliances when required, can help your batteries last longer.

Why is water backing up in my RV’s shower or sink?

If you are experiencing water backups in your RV it is most likely because your grey water tank is full. Make sure to properly drain your grey water tank often to ensure you do not encounter water backups in your RV.

What should I do if a sewer smell is coming from my RV?

If a sewer smell is coming from your RV first and foremost properly empty and clean your black water tanks. If you continue to run into a sewer smell coming from your RV then you should do a thorough inspection of your ventilation. Make sure all vents are working properly and you do not have any blocked venting.

What should I do if one of my RV slides won’t retract?

If the slide out on your RV won’t retract automatically or electrically then you will have to manually retract your slide. Once you manually retract your slide out, visit an RV service centre so they can inspect and diagnose what is wrong with the slide out.

Why is my RV shaking while driving?

The reason your RV would be shaking while driving down the road is poor sway control. It is important to regularly service your RV to ensure you do not run into a sway control problem. If you are experiencing shaking from your RV while driving make sure to take it into an RV service centre.


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