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The weather and roads in Alberta can be hard on your RV. If you’re looking to protect your investment and have your RV continue to look amazing for years to come, talk to the RV experts at Bucars RV Dealership just outside of Calgary about Diamond Kote protection for your RV.

What is Diamond Kote? | How Does It Work? | Why Do I Need an Extra Layer of Protection? | What Is the Difference Between a Wax and a Paint Sealant? | What is the Diamond Kote Fabric Protection and How Does It Work?

What Is Diamond Kote?

Diamond Kote is a commercial grade paint sealant. It is a safe, water-based product that contains special silicon materials which provide a number of great properties that help protect your RV from the elements. Diamond Kote is effective in protecting your RV from things like:

How Does It Work?

Diamond Kote is a transparent cross-linked polymer. It uses durable polymer additives and UV filters to protect your RV from the sun and the elements it will face here in Alberta. Diamond Kote uses nano-molecular science to increase the density of the surface application by billions of particles. Think of it this way – the paint and finish on your RV is like a tightly grouped bunch of marbles. Even though they are tightly grouped together, there are still some spaces in between that aren’t protected from the elements. Applying Diamond Kote to the surface is like filling the space between marbles with a fine sand to completely cover the surface. This reduces the exposed area to keep your RV dirt free, shiny, and protected from the elements here in Alberta. Diamond Kote is guaranteed to protect the surface of your RV for ten years.

Why Do I Need an Extra Layer of Protection?

Automotive grade waxes and sealants play a critical role in protecting a surface from the elements and corrosion. They are invisible layers of protection that prevent contaminants from getting into the clearcoat. To give you an example, think of waxes and sealants as a raincoat for your RV. They will protect your RV from the elements, ensure that water beads on the surface and prevent it from reaching the exposed surface. Coatings like Diamond Kote work to protect the shine, wetness, and slickness of your RV’s exterior to keep it looking great for years to come.

What Is the Difference Between a Wax and a Paint Sealant?

The best waxes available are made from Carnauba which is naturally produced by Brazilian palm tree leaves. Carnauba prevents the leaves from absorbing water so that it can trickle down to the roots of the tree. It also allows the release of oxygen through the leaves so that the tree can breathe. The properties that make Carnauba great for palm tree leaves are retained with high-quality automotive waxes. This makes these waxes able to protect exterior finishes from UV rays, heat, moisture, oxidation, and environmental contamination. The drawback of waxes is that they need to be reapplied every few months to maintain their effectiveness. This can be time-consuming, costly, and take time away from enjoying your RV.

A paint sealant, on the other hand, is made of polymers. These polymers are composed of millions of particles that are tightly linked together and bond to a surface. When a polymer bonds to an exterior surface, it creates a rigid shell, like a transparent chainmail suit. Unlike waxes, one Diamond Kote application will last for years. This means that water will bead on the surface, it will be protected from UV rays and contamination from the elements here in Alberta for years to come. If you’d rather spend your time enjoying your RV and not detailing it, Diamond Kote protective polymers are the best way to protect and fully enjoy your investment.

What Is The Diamond Kote Fabric Protection and How Does It Work?

Diamond Kote Fabric Protection is a commercial grade carpet and fabric protection coating. Like the exterior coating, it uses nano-hybrid chemistry that penetrates deep into the fabrics inside of your RV and encapsulates each fiber with a protective coating. This delays and inhibits the penetration of spills and other accidents that you may have inside the RV without affecting the fabrics natural feel or texture. The Diamond Kote leather and vinyl protection also creates a semi-permeable barrier that protects against spills, allowing the leather or vinyl to breathe naturally while retaining the natural feel and texture of the material. These products are also backed by a great warranty and are sure to keep your RV protected for years.

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