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At Bucars RV Dealership, we are proud to be not only the first RV dealership to serve RV enthusiasts in Calgary but to be one of the leading RV dealerships in Alberta. With so many RV dealers in Alberta, it can be hard to choose the right one.We strive to provide our customers with a refreshingly different RV sales experience that they will not forget. At Bucars, our philosophy is that buying an RV is an investment in fun, creating memorable experiences, and not something to be taken lightly. We aim to provide excellent customer service and get every aspect of buying an RV from Bucars perfect. You’re sure to receive as much value as possible and come out more educated about your investment.We strongly believe that purchasing the right RV for your unique needs is an important factor when selecting an RV. If you want to get educated on how to make the best decision possible and work with true RV professionals that can help meet your RVing needs, pay a visit to Bucars RV Dealer just north of Calgary today. Our incredible RV experts will help you find the perfect RV for the needs of you and your family. We carry nothing but the finest quality RVs and offer a wide variety of variations so you can be sure you’re finding the right one to create camping memories that will last a lifetime.

This refreshingly different way of doing business has established us at the forefront of the industry when it comes to RVs for sale in Alberta. We have worked hard to create a great experience and connect our customers with the best RVs for sale on the market to ensure that all of our clients are as happy as possible.


We are also proud to be one of the largest RV dealers in Alberta. If you haven’t already, you need to see our 12-acre lot full of the greatest new and used RV inventory out there and our 40,000 square foot showroom packed with the most innovative RVs in the industry.

If you want to see Alberta in all of its glory and experience the Rockies to the fullest, you need to travel in an RV. We have some of the most beautiful campgrounds in Canada in this province and possibly even some of the best in the world! There are a ton of beautiful areas, landscapes, and monuments to see in Alberta. If you want to spend your holidays and weekend experiencing the best sights and sounds Alberta has to offer, an RV will help you do that.

The beauty of camping in an RV is that it provides a comfortable home base for all of your camping adventures. You will have all the amenities you need to reach new heights and experience the great outdoors comfortably from your second home on wheels. When camping in an RV, you gain a connection to the great outdoors that few other accommodations can emulate.

If you want to explore this beautiful province and see everything it has to offer for you, you need to travel in an RV from Bucars RV in Alberta. We have a massive selection of different types of RVs to fit all different types of RV lifestyles, families, and the needs of our customers.


At Bucars RV dealership just north of Calgary, we are proud suppliers of some of the greatest motorhomes that the RV industry has to offer. We have everything from small van chassis motorhomes like our Class B Camper Vans to large, luxurious, Class A Diesel Motorhomes. We have some of the most popular floor plans available for camping enthusiasts looking for a motorhome in Calgary or looking for a motorhome in Alberta!

  • Class A Motorhomes for Sale in Alberta
    Are you looking for a large, luxurious motorhome with all the amenities you need? If so, you need to take a look at our incredible new and used Class A Motorhomes for sale in Calgary. We’re proud to carry some of the industry’s best motorhomes from manufacturers like Coachmen, Newmar, and Tiffin Motorhomes.These large motorhomes have a ton of storage space, large awnings, living spaces, luxurious master suites, full bathrooms, residential-sized appliances, and more. These incredible RVs have everything you and your family need to create camping memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Class B Motorhomes for Sale in Alberta
    For the campers that are looking to get a smaller, easier to maneuver, but versatile RV, you need to take a look at the fantastic Class B Motorhomes for sale in Calgary that we have available in our new RV inventory at Bucars. We’re proud to carry some of the industry’s best camper vans from manufacturers like Coachmen, Roadtrek, and more!These small, yet versatile RVs have everything you need in a compact package. They’re similar to the size of the service vans that many of our customers drive every day but have been fitted with the essentials and luxuries you’d expect from a Bucars motorhome. They have large appliances, spacious storage compartments, bathrooms, awnings, entertainment centres, and more! These Class B Motorhomes make it quick and easy to hit the open road towards your next adventure.
  • Class C Motorhomes for Sale in Alberta
    If you’re the kind of RVer that wants all of the functionality and luxuries of one of our larger Class A Motorhomes in a smaller package, then you need to check out the incredible selection of Class C Motorhomes at our RV Dealership. We carry some of the most popular models and floor plans from Coachmen RV and many more great manufacturers!The Class C Motorhome bridges the gap between a Class B camper van and a Class A Motorhome. Characterized by the cabin overtop of the chassis’ cab, these motorhomes make great use of the available area for storage, accommodations, amenities, and more. Many of our Class C Motorhomes feature slide-outs, large awnings, ample storage, and more. Although these are RVs normally built on an extended commercial van chassis, they are still very drivable and easy to maneuver.
  • Diesel Motorhomes for Sale in Alberta
    If you want an RV that will last a lifetime and one with all of the features, amenities, and luxuries in your regular home, you need to see the incredible Diesel Motorhomes at Bucars RV dealership. These motorhomes are similar to our Class A motorhomes, but they feature a heavy-duty diesel engine mounted in the rear of the RV. With an expected lifespan of 800,000 kilometers or more, these RVs can last a lifetime if well maintained!These fantastic RVs are some of the most luxurious RVs that we offer at Bucars. They feature spacious master suites, king or queen-sized beds, residential-sized appliances, home-style dinettes, entertainment centres, and more. These great RVs have everything you need to make camping memories with your family that will last a lifetime. The powerful diesel engines also mean they get better fuel economy than their gas-powered counterparts and they are able to easily tow vehicles so you can get around easier once you reach your destination.


Bucars is proud to have some of the greatest RV trailers for sale in Alberta in our inventory at our Calgary RV dealership. These great RVs have some of the best value of any trailer for sale in Alberta and come with some of the most popular features too! We have a wide variety of travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, toy hauler trailers, and even fold-down tent trailers to fit your camping needs and the capabilities of your tow vehicle. If you’re wondering what your vehicle is capable of towing or need to know more about hitches, please take a look at our helpful RV Towing Guides. Once you see our incredible RV inventory, it will be easy to see why Bucars is the leader in Calgary trailer sales.

  • Travel Trailers for Sale in Alberta
    The Travel Trailers in our RV inventory range from small, lightweight trailers that can be pulled with a family sedan, minivan, or SUV, to large, luxurious trailers that are designed for extended trips and to be pulled by one-ton pickups. The great thing about travel trailers is how easy they are to connect and disconnect from your tow vehicle. The hitch on these trailers is a standard trailer hitch that mounts on the rear of your vehicle’s frame near your back bumper. If your vehicle can have a class two or three receiver hitch installed, chances are we have a travel trailer you can pull! We have a mix of everything at our Calgary RV dealership! We strongly believe that we have some of the greatest Travel Trailers for sale in Alberta here at Bucars RV.These great travel trailers come from manufacturers like Coachmen, Forest River, K-Z, Inc., Venture RV, and more! We are proud to carry all different shapes, sizes, variations, and floor plans to help you find the perfect travel trailer for your camping needs. These trailers have a variety of features like master suites, tip-outs, spacious dinettes, outdoor kitchens, outdoor audio systems, and more! We’re sure there’s a travel trailer on our lot that suits your needs.
  • Fifth Wheel Trailers for Sale in Alberta
    At Bucars, we also have a number of amazing Fifth Wheel Trailers for you to choose from! The main difference between one of our Fifth Wheel Trailers and a Travel Trailer is the way the RV is towed by the tow vehicle. A Fifth Wheel Trailer uses a special type of hitch that mounts inside of a truck box, to the truck’s frame, directly above the rear axle of the tow vehicle. The benefit of this is a better weight distribution of tongue weight on the tow vehicle that virtually eliminates sway when pulling the RV down the highway!We have a wide variety of Fifth Wheel Trailers to suit your unique needs. We have smaller, simpler models that can be pulled with a half-ton pickup truck to large, luxurious trailers for full-time RVers that require a one-tonne dually to be pulled. Thanks to the bi-level design of our fifth-wheel trailers, many of them have luxurious master suites at the bulkhead of the trailers with king or queen beds, master bathrooms, spacious kitchens, living areas, and a variety of slide-out configurations. We truly have something for everyone’s needs and offer some of the greatest Fifth Wheel Trailers for sale in Alberta!
  • Toy Hauler Trailers for Sale in Alberta
    The Toy Hauler Trailers we have in our RV inventory are very similar to our travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers. The major difference between one of our Toy Hauler Trailers for sale in Alberta and a regular trailer is that toy haulers have a dedicated area at the back for off-road vehicles like dirt bikes, ATVs, and side by sides.If your idea of a good camping trip is parking your trailer somewhere off the grid and exploring your beautiful destination with an off-road vehicle, these RVs are for you! They offer the same great features, luxuries, and amenities that are offered by the other great trailers in our RV inventory and come in a variety of floorplans as well. If this sounds like the RV for the kind of camping you like to do, look no further than Bucars RV in Alberta!


Bucars has a massive selection of New RVs for sale in Alberta at our Calgary RV dealership! If you’re in the market for a new RV, it’s time to take a tour of our fantastic 14,000 square foot new RV showroom that showcases some of the finest new RVs available on the market. We also have a massive 12-acre lot full of the greatest RVs in a variety of floorplans for you to take a look at as well. We’re confident that we have the perfect new RV for your camping needs that is backed with an extensive warranty and will fit within your budget.


For those that are in the market for a quality pre-owned RV for their camping needs, you need to take a look at the Used RVs for sale in Alberta at Bucars Calgary RV dealership. Because we offer such great value on our new RVs, we often get RVers from all over the province and western Canada coming in to trade in their old RVs for a newer model. We have former customers in Calgary, Airdrie, Red Deer, Leduc, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and more! This means we have plenty of RVs that have been traded in and assessed by our RV technicians to ensure quality and value for our amazing customers. Our huge selection of used RVs includes models from a wide variety of manufacturers, including Heartland, Winnebago, Coachmen, Forest River, K-Z Inc., and much more. No matter the brand, size, type, or mileage you’re looking for, we’re sure to have the right used RV for you. We even offer limited and extended warranties for our quality pre-owned RVs!


Are you looking to get a steal of a deal on a new RV? We have a number of RVs we need to clear out to make room for newer models on our 12-acre lot. These RVs are marked down and ready to be sold. They feature a full warranty and some of the best value you will find on a new or very lightly used RV in the province. Take a look at our Clearance RV inventory in Alberta for more information and to see the amazing value that is being offered.



When you buy a new RV from Bucars RV dealership, you can rest assured that you are purchasing one of the best RVs available on the market. That’s because we only partner with RV manufacturers that we trust to deliver a quality RV with great value for our customers. These great manufacturers have numerous awards, accolades, and other distinctions. Bucars has worked to build a strong relationship with these manufacturers to ensure that we can extend the most value possible to our great customers.

  • Coachmen RVs at Bucars RV Dealership
    Bucars is proud to carry several quality Coachmen motorhome models. Coachmen have grown to become one of the largest and top RV manufacturers in North America over the years. They produce a wide range of quality motorhomes that our customers love and take camping regularly. One of the things we love the most about Coachmen is the wide variety of motorhomes that they offer. Whether you’re just getting into RVing or you’re looking to upgrade to a more serious RV for your family’s needs as a seasoned RVer, Coachmen will have the perfect motorhome for your needs.
  • Forest River RVs at Bucars RV Dealership
    Forest River RVs were built around the concept of creating the best recreational vehicle possible to enhance their owners’ outdoor camping experience. With their many years in business, they have grown to become one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America and even acquired some other high-quality brands like Coachmen along the way.If you’re looking for a high-quality Class A or C motorhome, a travel trailer, toy hauler, or fifth wheel trailer, Forest River has a high-quality RV that will be sure to impress even the toughest critics. There are many different variations of Forest River RVs to suit the needs of every camper. Whether you’re new to camping or looking to become a full-time RVer, there is a Forest River RV that will be perfect for your needs!
  • KZ, Inc. RVs at Bucars RV Dealership
    K-Z, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality RVs for over 40 years now. Building RVs that many customers of ours have come to know and trust since 1972, the manufacturer has grown to be one of the most trusted and recognized in the RV industry. K-Z RV takes price in pairing old fashioned values and craftsmanship with modern innovations to create a robust and unique offering for our customers. If you want a fifth wheel trailer or travel trailer with the latest and greatest technology and amenities, then you definitely need to have an RV from K-Z, Inc. on your short list! They’ve taken the customer feedback they’ve received over the years and worked to create an RV that is sure to help you create camping memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Newmar Motorhomes at Bucars RV Dealership
    Newmar motorhomes are in a league of their own. Their unmatched dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and quality have established them as one of the true leaders in the luxury motorhome industry. These fantastic motorhomes are meticulously designed from the ground up for beauty, durability, and comfort when camping. Every nut, bolt, and piece of the RV has been made with impeccable quality, and it is instantly evident the very second you step into one of these beautiful motorhomes. These are some of the longest-lasting and most recognizable Class A motorhomes and diesel pushers on the road today. If you’re a full-time RVer or someone that wants all of the luxuries of your regular home on wheels, you need to see one of the beautiful Newmar motorhomes in Bucars’ new RV showroom today.
  • Tiffin Motorhomes at Bucars RV Dealership
    We are absolutely honoured to be one of the few RV dealers in Canada to have the incredible lineup of Tiffin Motorhomes in our new RV inventory. This RV manufacturer has continually set the bar and innovated what is possible with a high-quality motorhome. Tiffin has been manufacturing their amazing motorhomes for over 40 years and has put every lesson they have learned and their top-notch quality in every motorhome that they produce. If you’re looking for a Class A Motorhome, definitely put tiffin on your list.
  • Venture RV Trailers at Bucars RV Dealership
    We’ve said it time and time again; we have carefully curated the RVs that we carry at our Calgary RV dealership. Bucars strives to offer the best value with high-quality RVs for our amazing customers. When it comes to manufacturers that offer RVs with incredible value and impeccable quality, Venture RV is one of the top manufacturers on the list.Venture RV offers a wide variety of travel trailers to suit your camping needs and your tow vehicle. Their range of lightweight and ultra-lightweight travel trailers are a great option for taking out on your next big camping trip with your family. The beauty of these RVs is that the folks at Venture RV actually use their RV models. These have been designed with hypercritical attention to detail in order to create the best camping experience possible. The design, functionality, and economy of these great travel trailers are almost unmatched by other manufacturers. If you’re in the market for a smaller travel trailer, definitely take a look at the options from Venture RV!
  • Roadtrek Motorhomes at Bucars RV Dealership
    With the growing demand for Class B Motorhomes and camper vans, we are proud to carry some of the most versatile van conversion camper vans out there from Roadtrek. Like the other RV manufacturers that we carry, Roadtrek has a proven history of winning awards and creating some of the best Class B Motorhomes available in North America!These award-winning camper vans never cease to amaze us. They have all of the amenities, features, and luxuries you’d expect from a larger RV stuffed into a smaller package. Roadtrek’s fantastic attention to detail, quality, and excellence shows in every motorhome that they have ever created. Many of their staff and R&D team are also avid campers and work to perfect their RVs to make Class B Motorhomes you’ll want to spend as much time as you can in! If you’re in the market for a new Class B Motorhome in Calgary, definitely take a look at the new RVs we have from Roadtrek.
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