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Roof Inspection & Repair

If your RV including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers or tent trailers, has a leaky roof it can ruin your next camping trip. Inspecting the roof of your RV can be dangerous and you can risk inflicting even more damage to it. Instead let the experienced service professionals at the Bucars RV service centre inspect it for you. Our RV service technicians have many years of experience and know what to look for when inspecting any type of RV roof.

When inspecting the roof of a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer or tent trailer it has to be done carefully. When climbing onto the roof of any RV you risk doing damage to it, so knowing exactly what you’re doing is important. This is where our expert RV service technicians can help you. They know how to inspect any kind of RV roof without causing damage and know how to quickly identify any issue your RV’s roof may have. They can then recommend the most efficient and cost effective way to get your RV roof repaired and get you back on the road.

Weather and age will take a toll on every vent, appliance cover, or breather that may come through the roof of your RV. Over time, ultraviolet rays shining down on your RV’s roof will cause the plastic vents to deteriorate to the point that a simple brushing by of a small branch will cause them to crack or crumble. Then there is severe weather like thunderstorms and hail storms, they have broken more than their fair share of rooftop fixtures.

This is why you will probably need some roof ventilation repair or replacement for your RV throughout its lifetime. The expert RV service technicians at the Bucars RV service department in Calgary have the experience and know-how to fix any roof ventilation repair you may need. They have handled all types of RV roof ventilation repair and will know how to repair any problem your RV has come across.

For more information on our RV roof ventilation repair services in Calgary please call our RV service department at 403-207-1666.

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