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Bucars RV dealer in Calgary boasts Western Canada’s largest RV parts and accessories department, and we’re confident we will have the RV parts and accessories you’re looking for. With thousands of RV parts and accessories in stock, we have made sure our customers and people just passing through are well taken care of. Even if you have an older RV, or need to obtain a more obscure part for your RV, our RV parts experts will work hard to help you find what you need. Our commitment to ensuring you are able to get whatever you need to make camping memories that will last a lifetime is a part of what makes us a refreshingly different RV centre.

We have experienced RV parts professionals that are ready to help you find the part you have been searching for. You’ll be able to find everything from toilet tissue to solar power systems, wheel chocks to hitches. If we don’t have the RV part you’re looking for in stock, we’ll do our best to track it down and get it to you as quickly as possible.

Ordering RV Parts in Calgary From Bucars RV Centre

Ordering rv parts in Calgary

Unfortunately, the purchasing process for RV parts in Calgary isn’t quite like getting a simple part for your average car or truck. There are no exploded views showing how things are put together for you to better describe which piece you need, and there are no records of which equipment some RVs came with from the factory for your specific model or year of RV.

If you are looking to order a part for your RV, whether it is a refrigerator, hot water tank, awning, or similar, our RV parts experts will need to gather as much information as possible from you before they can order the correct part. If you are looking to get a part for a particular appliance, for example, we will need to know the model and make of your particular appliance. If you need a part for the awning on your RV, we could need the make, model, size, and possibly even the serial number of the awning in some cases.

The more information you can provide our RV parts experts, the better. Even though they have been working in the RV parts industry for decades, it’s hard to know every single small detail. When possible, providing pictures, videos, and visual aids of the part, label, or even the tag on it can be a huge help for our parts department.

Popular RV Accessories at Bucars RV Dealership

Being the largest RV parts and accessories department in Alberta comes with a lot of perks! When you come to Bucars for your RV parts and accessories needs, you’ll have the largest selection of fantastic RV parts and accessories for you to check out and find the part or accessory you have been looking for.

We have such an extensive selection of RV parts and accessories at our Calgary RV dealership, you may find it hard to keep up with the massive amount of new high-quality products we have coming in regularly. Not to worry, we create videos regularly that feature some of our favourite new RV parts and accessories!

  • This Summer’s Newest RV Technology

    Many of our valued customers live busy lives and don’t have time to keep up with the latest RV technology. They work hard all week, and when it’s time to kick back and relax, they’d much rather get what they need from Bucars and hit the road towards their camping destination to unwind.

    To help you out, we stay on top of the newest RV technology for the upcoming summer camping season to ensure you are informed about the latest and greatest camping parts and accessories to make camping easier and more fun!

    In recent years, there have been some impressive innovations when it comes to electronic gadgets that make your camping experience much easier and aid in the carefree operation of your RV. We have seen massive improvements in solar panels, deep cycle RV batteries, surge protection, back up cameras, RV leveling devices, and more. These great RV parts and accessories make it even quicker and easier to get out camping, set up your RV, and focus on relaxing when you get to the campsite.

  • Why You Should Consider Converting to Solar Power for Your RV

    You’ve likely seen a number of RVs fitted with solar panels and other related solar equipment in your travels or in RV parks, campgrounds, and more. If you’ve ever dry camped and wondered if your battery would last the entire trip, you’ve probably wondered what it would be like and what the advantages to having solar power for your RV would be.

    Converting your RV to run on solar power can be very advantageous. There seems to be some kind of misconception about what it is actually involved in converting an RV to run on solar power. Many RV enthusiasts seem to think that converting an RV to run on solar power is complicated, expensive, and inefficient for their camping needs. This is not the case! Modern-day RV solar technology is light years ahead of the solar systems of the past.

    After consulting our knowledgeable RV experts, many RV enthusiasts are shocked at just how reasonable it is to have solar panels installed on their RV and the capabilities that a solar charging system has to offer. As soon as people realize that the cost savings of installing solar panels on their RV greatly exceeds the cost of the initial installation of solar panels, they often choose to have a solar conversion done on their RV.

    The RV experts at Bucars RV Dealership can handle the entire conversion process and get you back out on the road and camping again in no time. Solar panels on your RV will make dry camping much easier and save you a substantial amount of money when not having to book power campsites! If this sounds like something you would be interested in for your RV, talk to the RV parts experts at Bucars RV dealership today. We will help you select the perfect solar panels, batteries, and the rest of the parts needed for your RV’s solar conversion.

  • Must Have RV Accessories at Bucars RV Centre

    At Bucars RV dealership, we know that having the accessories for your RV and style of camping can completely transform your camping experience. Having the right accessories can make for a more comfortable, convenient, luxurious, and worry-free camping experience depending on what you are looking for!

    Bucars often creates lists of the accessories that we think will have the biggest impact on your camping experience in Alberta. From general RV accessories like coupler locks and wheel chocks to more innovative items like LED lights and RV leveling systems, we have it all! Take a look at part one, and part two of our must-have RV accessory guides for making great camping memories in Alberta and Western Canada.

What Should You Have in Your Essential RV Toolkit?

Essential RV Tool Kit

Many of our customers want to ensure they are prepared for the unexpected when traveling. Even though we offer an incredible warranty program with our RVs and you’re covered within the RV Care dealer network, it’s a good idea to have an RV tool kit with you for your travels.

Although most basic tool kits are a good starting point, there are a few essential tools, accessories, and pieces of equipment you should have with you for good measure. The tools we recommend are ones that will help you get your RV back up and running in the case of an emergency so you can get it to Bucars or one of our certified dealers and service partners for a permanent fix.

  • Tools for Flat Tire Repairs

    It’s hard to predict what is on the road. Sometimes, debris ends up on the highway, objects fall out of vehicles, and other unforeseen things can happen when traveling. If you happen to puncture a tire, it’s a good idea to have the right tools with you to mount a spare tire so you can get back on the road without having to call in a mobile tire service.

    For those of you with towable RVs, please be aware that they do not come with a bottle jack, or wheel wrench, or anything along those lines. Not having these with you will make changing a flat tire nearly impossible! For changing a spare tire on your towable RV, ensure you have a jack that is rated to hand the weight of your RV and the right size of socket or wheel wrench to remove and replace the tire on your RV.

    If you have a motorhome or a larger towable RV, you’re going to need more substantial tools and equipment to change a tire on the side of the road. We would suggest getting tire change wheel chocks for your RV. As you can imagine, changing the tire on a triple axle RV that is over 40 feet long is quite precarious. With these wheel chocks, you drive your RV on top of them with a tire that is still operational to get the other axle and flat tire off of the ground. This is much easier than trying to jack up a large RV! If you’re in need of a jack, tools, tire change wheel chocks, or anything else for changing a flat tire, talk to our parts and accessories experts at Bucars RV.

  • Tire Gauge and Air Compressor

    Have you ever tried to pull up to a gas station air compressor with a large towable RV or a bigger motorhome? If so, you know how much of a headache it can be to do, and it is worth purchasing a portable air compressor and air gauge to check tire pressures. If you end up having to put a spare on, you’ll be able to easily check the pressure if you’ve forgotten to at your last RV service before mounting it. Also, if you run over a nail and get a slow leak, you’ll be able to easily top up your tire until you can get to a tire shop to have it patched. There are many different options when it comes to portable compressors and air gauges. Talk to the parts and accessories experts at Bucars RV if you’d like to order some!

  • A Manual Slide-Out Tool

    Did you know that the slide-outs on your RV can actually be operated manually in the event there is a dead battery or electric motor? If you know where your slide mechanism is and you have the correct tool, you can use the mechanical crank to move the slide outward or inward as needed. It’s hard work, but it sure beats having the slide stuck out when there is an issue! By manually cranking it back in, you’ll be able to get your RV to Bucars or another partner dealership in the RV Care network to be repaired by a certified RV technician.

  • Additional Tools to Carry With You in Your RV

    It’s hard to say exactly what could go wrong with your RV when you are out on the road. For this reason, we recommend keeping quite a few tools with you in your travels. Things like a multimeter can help diagnose electrical problems, a socket set that includes a 1-1/16th socket for removing your water heater’s drain plug, and anode rod, a cordless drill can help with a number of repairs or crank a bottle jack if it has the right attachments, and more.

    We also recommend keeping some supplies and repair materials in your RV as they can come in handy. Lubricants like silicon spray for lubricating slides, awnings, steps, jacks, and more can make operation much easier. Awning repair tape, roof tape, and caulking with a caulking gun can also come in handy if you find a hole, crack, or leak in one of these parts of your RV!

    In addition to this, we recommend purchasing safety equipment for small roadside repairs. If you’ve ever fixed a vehicle that has broken down on the shoulder of the road, you’ll know it is not an enjoyable experience – it’s quite dangerous! Having pylons and other safety markers make a huge difference in keeping you safe while making the repair.

RV Parts Specials at Bucars RV Dealership

RV Parts specials in Calgary

To offer our valued customers as much value as possible, we also offer a number of great parts specials to save you money on the great parts and accessories you’ve been looking to get from our parts department. Make sure to check out the parts specials page regularly to stay up to date with any upcoming specials or current promotions! Simply present the coupon linked on that page or mention the promotion on the page itself to receive the incredible offer.

We strive to be not only the largest RV parts department in the province of Alberta, but to deliver the best value in Western Canada to our customers. We are always looking for ways to provide awesome deals, sales, and get you the RV parts and accessories that you need to improve your camping experience.

Parts For Van Conversions at Bucars RV Dealership

In recent years, there are more and more people choosing to live the van life or modify commercial vans for other business purposes. The van conversion parts experts at Bucars can help you find the right parts to deck out your van with some seriously awesome gear!

Let’s face it, if you’re going to be camping in a van, bus, or another vehicle, you’re going to need some amenities and parts to make it functional. If you’re planning on building a food truck, or something similar, you may need some parts and accessories as well! We have everything you need to complete a solar conversion on your van, RV appliances, and accessories to make it happen.

More than the parts, we can provide our expertise thanks to our decades of experience from serving our customers and helping them with their RV parts needs. We can help you determine an effective floor plan, the battery requirements, to balance the weight evenly for drivability, with water system needs, heating, lighting, safety considerations, CSA standard recommendations, and more! Our highly-trained RV parts and accessory experts really are some of the best in the business.

Given the custom nature of van conversion build, consultations can only be done in person. We can’t quite visualize what you have going on over the phone! Please call or text us at 403-207-1666 to book an appointment with our expert parts staff for your van build.

Come to Bucars RV Dealership for All of Your RV Parts and Accessories

Well, there you have it! We hope you found this helpful and have a better understanding of the parts and accessories available at our Calgary RV dealership and some of the ones you may need for your RV.

At Bucars, we know the best way to visualize how a part or an accessory will improve your RV camping experience is to see it working in real-time. Because of this, our RV parts experts would be happy to give you a detailed walkthrough of each new part and accessory we stock at Bucars and give you an outline of what the product is capable of and describe its benefits.

Remember, if you have any questions about the incredible parts we carry in our RV parts department, please don’t hesitate to ask! Our knowledgeable RV parts and accessory experts are happy to help you find what you are looking for. Call or text Bucars RV Parts department at 403-207-1666 today to get in touch with our parts experts and order the parts and accessories you need to make camping memories that will last a lifetime.


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