Protect-All Multi-Purpose Detailer, 1 Gallon

This versatile formula works on both interior and exterior surfaces to clean, polish, wax, treat, and protect. 1 Gal jug

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1 gallon jug

  • Replaces 5 or More Products: The unique, all surface RV detailer if formulated to work on both interior and exterior surfaces, cleaning, polishing, waxing, treating, and protecting.
  • Water Repellent Formula: All-Surface Care is formulated with the finest carnauba wax, creating a durable and lustrous showroom shine on all types of RV paints, fiberglass, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, glass, Plexiglas, and much more.
  • Protection Against UV Rays: The highly effective UV absorber additive helps to protect all surfaces and blocks damaging oxidation that quickly occurs on the fiberglass and gel-coat used on most RVs and boats.
  • Easy to Apply and Use: With All-Surface Care you only need to spray & wipe. The unique formula dries clear in those hard to get to areas like the crevices around trim and molding, leaving no white powdery residue that requires tedious detailing with a brush or Q-tip.
  • Perfect for RV Interiors: With its anti-static property, All-Surface Care is ideal for treating vinyl, rubber, plastic and finished leather to a clean, dry natural appearance, leaving NO oily film to attract dust and dirt.


3 lbs
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12 × 12 × 6 in
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10 MIN
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