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The Best RVs for Half-Ton Trucks and Smaller Tow Vehicles

We’ve all been there before! You’ve gone to an RV dealership, shopped around, and fallen in love with an RV. It has everything you need to camp comfortably with your loved ones, and you know that it is the perfect fit for your needs. The next thing you start to wonder is if your vehicle will be able to pull the RV down the highway. It looks big, and you have a feeling there could be some issues towing it with the family SUV.

We’ve seen this happen many times in the past. Thankfully, Bucars RV Dealership has a massive inventory of RVs ranging from small travel trailers that can be pulled by family sedans to lightweight fifth-wheel trailers that can be pulled by half-ton trucks. We have something for everyone and every tow vehicle at our RV dealership just north of Calgary!

To take the guesswork out of the RV buying experience and help you find an RV that can be towed by your vehicle, we’ve created a guide of the best lightweight travel trailers and some fifth-wheels we have on our lot that can be pulled by larger sedans, SUVs, and half-ton pickup trucks.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers for Half-Ton Pickup Trucks

Many of our customers come to our dealership and ask, ”can a half-ton truck pull a fifth-wheel trailer?” Although the general perception is that fifth-wheel trailers are massive and normally only pulled by the larger three-quarter-ton and one-ton pickup trucks, half-tons can pull some fifth-wheel trailers just fine. Modern-day half-ton trucks are like the heavy half pickups and three-quarter-tons of yesteryear. As truck technology has advanced, so have half-ton tow ratings! Most late model half-ton pickup trucks can pull 9,000-10,000 lb trailers. Whether you have a new half-ton pickup truck, or even one that’s a bit older, we have some the best half-ton towable fifth-wheels at our dealership that can be pulled by your truck. Our RV experts will be happy to help you find a good fit for your truck!

2021 K-Z, Inc. Durango Half-Ton, D286BHD

2021 K-Z Inc. Durango Half Ton Calgary

If you’re looking for a fantastic new fifth-wheel trailer that can be pulled with a half-ton pickup truck, you need to check out the new K-Z, Inc. Durango Half-Ton, D286BHD! This lightweight, yet spacious 33-foot fifth-wheel is only 8,800 lbs meaning that it can be easily pulled by most modern half-ton pickup trucks to your camping destination.

This incredible fifth-wheel features a rear double over double floor plan. This means there is a master suite at the bulkhead of the RV, a bathroom just behind the suite, living area and kitchen in the middle near the slide-out, and a second room at the back of the RV with two queen-sized bunk beds.

Some of the incredible features on this RV include K-Z inc’s great convenience and advantage packages, a large entertainment centre with a 40” fireplace, a raised double-door refrigerator, standalone table and chairs, couch with heat and massage in the slide, a power awning, LED lighting, outdoor audio system, a one touch control panel, outdoor kitchen, and the underbelly of the RV is heated, insulated, and enclosed.

If you want a lighter fifth-wheel trailer to be pulled with your half-ton pickup truck, you need to come and take a look at the K-Z, Inc. Durango Half-Ton at Bucars RV Dealership! This RV has all of the features you’d expect from a much larger RV in a smaller package and is hands down one of the best half-ton towable fifth-wheels on the market.

Travel Trailers for Half-Ton Pickup Trucks

Although the perception is that most half-ton trucks can pull larger travel trailers, RV enthusiasts still often doubt the ability of their trucks. We hear people ask “can a half-ton truck pull a travel trailer like that?” all the time! The reality is, RVs have come a long way. Some of the larger, more spacious, and luxurious models don’t weigh as much as they used to thanks to lightweight models, and half-tons can pull more than ever. Because of this, many of our customers are amazed by what their trucks can pull. We’re happy to show you what is possible and help you find the RV of your dreams. Here are some of the incredible travel trailers that can be pulled with a late model half-ton pickup truck!

2020 Venture RV SportTrek, ST281VBH

2020 Venture RV Sporttrek Calgary

If you’re looking for an awesome travel trailer to pull with a half-ton pickup truck, you need to see the new Venture RV SportTrek, ST281VBH! At just over 32 feet long, it’s got all of the luxuries you need for your camping adventures and enough space to sleep eight people comfortably.

This RV features the popular double over double bunk floor plan. This means there is a spacious master bedroom at the bulkhead of the trailer with a queen bed, storage, and a TV shelf. Behind the master bedroom is the spacious living area of the trailer. There is a spacious 42” dinette and a 70” sofa with overhead storage in the slide-out of the trailer. On the other side of the living area, there is a fantastic kitchen with great appliances and an entertainment centre for you to kick back and relax. At the back of the RV, is where you will find the double bunk beds and the trailer’s bathroom.

The new SportTrek, ST281VBH comes with a ton of great features as well! This particular model comes with Venture RV’s Trek & Trail package. This package includes a spare tire carrier and cover, black flush tank, and a rear ladder. In addition to this, you will find a booth dinette, theatre-style seats in the slide-out, an entertainment centre with a frameless fireplace, a walk around queen-size bed in the master bedroom, a three-burner cooktop, microwave, and raised double door fridge in the kitchen, a Coleman Whisper air conditioner, campfire cafe outdoor kitchen, a power awning, and LED lights. This travel trailer really has it all!

At just over 6,500 lbs, this luxurious travel trailer can be easily towed by most half-ton pickup trucks and even some full-size SUVs! If you’re looking for a travel trailer that has everything your family needs to make camping adventures that will last a lifetime, you need to take a look at the new Venture RV SportTrek, ST281VBH at Bucars RV Dealership.

Travel Trailers for Smaller Tow Vehicles

Owning a truck to pull an RV doesn’t fit into everyone’s lifestyle. Thankfully, there are options that exist for people that have smaller tow vehicles. We have customers that drive family sedans, crossovers, and SUVs that still want to pull an RV and get out camping. When it comes to smaller tow vehicles, it’s still important to check the tow ratings of the vehicle and ensure that you will not be overloading it with an RV. Generally speaking, if a class three hitch can be installed on your vehicle, there’s a good chance you can pull a smaller RV. Previously, smaller tow vehicles could only pull fold-down tent trailers and pods. Now, with vehicles being built larger and more robustly, they are able to tow more. Many of our customers ask us, “can my SUV pull a travel trailer?” when they see the incredible lightweight options we have in our new RV showroom. Luckily for them, there are some that can be pulled with smaller tow vehicles easily!

2020 Forest River Vibe, VBT16RB

2020 Forest River Vibe Calgary

If you’re looking for a lightweight travel trailer to pull with a smaller SUV or crossover, the Forest River Vibe, VBT16RB is a great option! At just 3,200 lbs, this 22 foot travel trailer can still sleep two people comfortably and has many of the features that our larger travel trailers have.

This RV features a rear bath floor plan and has the family camping package. There is a sink cover, a bathroom skylight, one touch power awning, spare tire and carrier, a black flush tank, battery disconnect, coat and outdoor gear rack, a fantastic fan to keep it cool, night shades, spacious countertops, a stainless steel sink, electric tongue jack, external and interior LED lighting, a walk around bed with ample storage in the master suite, a heated and enclosed underbelly, and this RV has been prepped for solar power!

This small, yet versatile RV can be pulled by a number of different tow vehicles. If you have a small SUV, crossover, or even a larger car or station wagon, there’s a good chance you can pull this trailer so long as your vehicle has a class three hitch installed on it. This is one of the best travel trailers for an SUV that money can buy. Our RV experts will be able to help you determine if your vehicle is suitable to pull the Forest River Vibe!

2020 K-Z, Inc. Sportsmen Classic, 181BH

2020 K-Z Inc. Sports Classic Calgary

For the campers that want a super lightweight travel trailer with exceptional value, you need to see the K-Z, Inc. Sportsmen Classic, 181BH. At just 3,000 lbs dry weight, this is one of the lightest full bodied travel trailers we have in our new RV inventory. Don’t let the smaller size fool you, this travel trailer still has everything you need to make camping memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

The K-Z, Inc. Sportsmen Classic, 181BH features a queen bed master suite and front window at the bulkhead of the trailer, K-Z’s exclusive Advantage and Convenience package, a power awning with a LED light strip, exterior speakers, two bunk beds, a 13,500 BTU A/C unit, two-burner cooktop stove, microwave, double door fridge, stainless steel sink, LED interior lights, booth dinette, and a bathroom with a tub.

Best of all, this lightweight RV can sleep up to six people! Talk about making the most out of the space available. If you want an RV that won’t break the bank, can be towed by SUVs, crossovers, and larger cars, and can take the whole family camping, this is one of the best lightweight travel trailers to do so with. If you want to know if your vehicle can pull this lightweight RV, please consult our RV experts to see if it is possible!
The Best Lightweight Travel Trailers and Fifth-Wheels are Available at Bucars RV
That’s a wrap! If you want all of the luxuries, features, and amenities available in a larger RV without having to upgrade your tow vehicle, these are some of the best lightweight travel trailers and fifth-wheel trailers available.

If you’re unsure of what your vehicle is able to tow, please check your vehicle’s tow ratings or consult the RV experts at Bucars RV dealership. We will help you find something that can be safely towed by your tow vehicle and help you make camping memories with your family that will last a lifetime. You will be amazed at just how light some of the new RVs at our RV dealership are!

The RV of your dreams is waiting for you. It’s time to pay a trip to our RV dealership just north of Calgary and see these great travel trailers and fifth-wheels in person. If you have any questions about these trailers or anything else on our lot, please call or text us at 403-710-8314, email sales247@bucarsrv.com or during business hours call or text 403-207-1666.


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