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Get to Know our Manufacturers: Newmar Motorhomes

At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we are proud of every RV manufacturer we carry. We want you to understand why we are so excited to work with such amazing manufacturers by helping you get to know them better. You will find out why we only work with a chosen few manufacturers and why they are the brands we have decided to work with. In this article we will be helping you get to know another industry leading manufacturer Newmar Motorhomes.

Newmar Motorhomes was founded in 1968 in Nappanee, Indiana by Marvin Miller and Marvin Newcomer. Their goal for founding Newmar is to build coaches that were better than anything else on the road. Newmar in its early days started by building quality travel trailers and fifth wheels, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that Newmar started to build motorhomes. Newmar identified that motorhomes weren’t delivering the quality they thought consumers deserved, this inspired them to start manufacturing motorhomes. In the 1990’s Newmar developed two iconic motorhome models that still exist today, the Dutch Star and Mountain Aire. Today, Newmar is stronger than ever thanks to an unwavering commitment to service, quality and innovation that remains unmatched.

Newmar prides itself on one main ideal the Newmar difference. The Newmar Difference can be seen through their dedication to impeccable craftsmanship and unrivaled innovation. When you set foot in one of their motorhomes you’ll recognize the Newmar Difference in everything you see, touch and operate. The Newmar difference revolves around six standards quality construction, masterpiece finish, an innovative chassis, a state of the art total comfort air conditioning system, comfort drive technology and an industry leading warranty.

Newmar Motorhomes quality construction is built on the idea that every aspect of your RV should be built with quality and attention to detail. This is why you will see a special dedication to building every part of their RV’s to standout among any other RV. This is shown through an innovative chassis, the finest RV flooring, 100% hand-crafted cabinetry, the strongest sidewalls and roofs available, patented slide out designs, lavish interiors and exteriors and rigorous quality control.

The Newmar Full-Paint Masterpiece Finish is one of the most stunning and durable in the industry. And it comes standard on every full-paint Newmar model, from their most affordable to their most luxurious. Newmar is passionate about the exterior finish of their RV’s this is why they believe their RVs should be as beautiful as they are comfortable. Their goal is to create a perfect finish every time they paint a Newmar motorhome.

All Newmar motorhomes are built on one of the most innovative chassis’ in the industry. Newmar works closely with the world’s best chassis manufacturers — Ford, Freightliner Custom Chassis and Spartan Chassis — to equip each of their coaches with a strong and durable platform. Newmar motorhomes have an innovative chassis weld process to ensure that your Newmar RV drives with less noise, a smoother ride and has a longer service life.

The exclusive Newmar Total Comfort air conditioning system comes standard on every Newmar motorhome, giving you the ultimate in climate control right at your fingertips. Both incoming cool air and returning warm air are effectively managed through individual ducting systems. This allows the system to quickly create cold air and efficiently remove warm air. As a result Newmar motorhomes create one of the most comfortable RV interiors available.

Newmar’s Comfort Drive technology brings a completely new experience when it comes to driving a motorhome. If you’re tired of feeling fatigued after a long day behind the wheel, and you’re looking for a Class A motor coach that handles more like a modern-day car, then the Comfort Drive technology is for you. A Newmar exclusive, Comfort Drive is a self-straightening steering wheel that actively eliminates friction, so you can navigate twists and turns with more comfort and less fatigue.

Newmar stands behind their work with dependable warranties, so you can enjoy extra confidence and protection. So if you take your Newmar RV on a cross-country vacation, or if you just go over to the neighbors’ to show it off a little, you’ll always travel with confidence.

We hope this has given you a look into why we are so excited to be partnered with Newmar motorhomes. Newmar continues to prove it is an industry leader and we are proud to recommend Newmar models to our customers. Why not come down and see some Newmar motorhome models and see the Newmar difference for yourself.

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