Bucars Blog — May 3 2012

Customer experience survey results are in

Bucars loves hearing from our customers. Whether you’ve had a great experience, bad experience and everything in between, we want to hear about it. But we also like to give things away as our way of saying thanks. Most recently, we ran a customer experience survey on our website and drew a random winner for a $100 fuel gift card. The results of the survey are below. Needless to say, we aren’t surprised by the results.

What people thought of our Sales Consultants

We know we have some of the best Sales Consultants in the business working for us, which is why we received a 91% Fantastic satisfaction result. These guys will go to the edge to make sure customers are well educated about the products we carry and ensure all needs are met. 9% said “Not bad.” 0% said “Not great.”

What people thought of our Business Office

Now the Business Office (the place you finish the deal, sign papers and purchase additional insurance and protection for your RV) also scored very high at 73% Fantastic rating. 27% said “Not bad.” Again, 0% said “Not great.” We are very proud of our commitment to ensuring customers understand their payment options, as well as the various extended care products available for RVs. We’d like to see our “Fantastic” rating hit above 80% next time and we’re going to work on that.

What people thought of our Red Carpet Delivery

We’re famous for our Red Carpet Delivery and it showed in our survey that people thought it is something they appreciate. 77% of people surveyed said their Red Carpet Delivery was Fantastic, while 23% of people said “Not bad.” We had zero complaints about our delivery program, which makes us very happy. Again, thought, we’d like to see over 80% so we’re going to work on this also.

What people thought Overall

82% of people thought their overall purchasing experience at Bucars was Fantastic, which makes us really happy because we put a lot of effort into making customer experiences positive and pleasant. Only 18% of people said “Not bad.” And the most important result so far was that 0% of people said “Not great.”

What people said about referring friends to Bucars

Would our customers recommend Bucars to someone in the market for an RV? 100% of people said yes!

Thanks to everyone who took our survey.


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