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Travel Trailer Storage Ideas: Top 10 Ways to Save Space!

Trying to find fresh ways to tackle space issues in your travel trailer? Whether you need to free up some floor space or maximize storage, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 10 storage solutions that will allow you to maximize the storage capacity of your trailer and give you a better experience when travelling.

1. Maximize Under Bed Storage

Maximizing under-bed storage in your RV trailer can seem like quite the challenge, but with the right tools, it’s easier than you think. Here are two easy ways to maximize your under-bed storage, utilize unused space and keep items out of sight and away from dust in your RV:

  • Bed Risers: adding height to your bed opens up a lot more opportunities for storage. You can fill this extra space with stackable storage boxes and have a wider space to put away larger objects.
  • Roll Out Boxes: stuffing items under your bed will do you no good unless you can easily reach them! With roll-out boxes, you can easily retrieve items tucked away. 

2. Maximize Vertical Storage

Are you feeling cramped? Stacks of clutter are making your trailer seem smaller than it really is? That’s why it is so important for RV owners to maximize vertical storage space. Using vertical space for storage reduces the amount of floor space needed to store items. Here are our two simple ways to maximize your vertical space:

  • Stackable Storage Bins: These containers are sturdy, stackable, and can hold just about anything you need to store in your RV. Using clear containers will help you easily and quickly find items you’re looking for, and they come in different shapes and sizes!

Stackable Storage Boxes

  • Hanging Organizers/Shelves: Another great way to maximize vertical storage space in your RV trailer is by using hanging organizers. They are lightweight, flexible, and can be hung just about anywhere!

3. Store Items On The Ceiling

What’s all that storage space on the inside of your RV trailer ceiling for, anyway? It’s for storing items to save valuable floor space!  Installing a ceiling storage rack or even using hanging baskets can be a great advantage in a small RV, and is a great way to store nearly anything that doesn’t belong in a trailer’s living area.  

4. Maximize Your Walls, Not Your Floor

Pots Hanging on Wall

In a trailer or camper, turning a wall into storage space isn’t hard. It’s a great way to add more living space quickly. You can utilize the walls of your trailer by putting cabinets, shelves and other storage such as pegboards or suction hooks, eliminating the need for a cluttered trailer floor. Seriously, if you can hang it or stow it away on the wall, your trailer floor will free up in no time!

5. Bathroom Storage

Because bathrooms are small spaces packed with items, keeping them uncluttered can be quite the challenge, but you’ll be surprised at how much versatility is available. It only takes a little creativity to give you the kind of storage you want. Here are some tips for organizing your bathroom storage.

  • Use toothbrush holders that attach to the inside of your bathroom cabinet or even a wall-mounted holder.
  • Use hanging shoe shelves for neat towel storage.
  • Over-the-door organizers are your best friend!
  • Utilize a shower soap/shampoo dispenser to minimize the clutter of extra products!

6. Maximize Your Cupboards

When your cupboards are crowded, it’s hard to find anything. Unused items can pile up on the counters. Small kitchen cupboards can be a challenge to use, but you can make the most out of your trailer’s cupboards with these handy RV kitchen organization ideas. Here is a list of things that will help you fit more stuff inside your RV by using every inch of the cabinet and cupboard space and maximizing food storage:

  • Cupboard overhead storage
  • Under-sink compartments
  • Cupboard organizers and shelving
  • Kitchen utensils organizers
  • Dish cradles
  • Stackable cookware (pots and bowls)

7. Get Your Linens Organized

RV trailer linen closets, like the rest of a travel camper, are generally small. It is crucial to put things in the right place to make the most out of your RV’s limited space. Here are our top tips and tricks to organize your linens/fabrics:

  • Take two hampers, one for your dirty laundry and one for clean linens.
  • Put your sheets in a duffel bag; they are compact and can be easily tucked away.
  • Roll it up! This maximizes space, and as an added bonus reduces wrinkles or creases.
  • Cut your sheets to the right length. Bedding is also more compact in a trailer, so it’s unnecessary to keep the extra bulk!

8. Go Outside The Box: Clever Storage Options

Road warriors will tell you that a travel trailer is a jackpot for anyone looking for creative storage ideas. Here are some ideas for some clever storage ideas that will help you leverage every inch of available space:

  • Space-saving hangers are compact, neat, and save about 80% closet space.
  • Bedside storage drawers or velcro straps comfortably and effectively hold your belongings without them being misplaced or in the way.

9. Clear Up Your Counter Space

The kitchen counter is usually the most hectic place in the trailer. With this problem, many people find it hard to clear up their kitchen counter. Luckily, we have compiled some simple steps to help you clear up your precious counter space in your RV trailer:

  • Throw away those boxes; they are only half full of air! You can always repackage or stow away your food items in more compact solutions. 
  • Use a magnetic strip spice rack to save space.
  • Use foldable appliances (yes, they make those!).
  • Use stackable pots/pans.

10. Outside Storage 

Save space in your RV trailer by storing the things you need the most – bikes, toys, chairs, grills, even extra clothing – right outside. Here are some neat ideas on how to utilize outside storage for items you don’t need within immediate reach. Here are the top 2 things you need to maximize your outdoor RV storage fully!

  • Rooftop cargo carriers: These easily buckle to your RV roof – they are waterproof, lightweight, and fully enclosed. You can easily tuck away extra items with this handy carrier.

Rooftop Cargo Carrier

  • Bike rack: biking is a common outdoor activity and bikes can easily be stored outside your RV using a bike rack.

Travel Trailer Bike Rack

How Bucars Travel Trailers Are Designed to Help You Save Space!

Bucars Organized Travel Trailers

At Bucars RV, we know that not only does a well-designed trailer save you space, it also makes your trailer adventures a lot more enjoyable. We know that the design of your RV is an important aspect when you make your RV purchase. That is why all of the trailers we carry are designed with attention to detail in every aspect, from your kitchen, flooring, size, and style. We offer trailers from the highest quality manufacturers and most sought-after brands such as Venture, KZ-RV, and Forest River.

Bucars Designed Trailer

Choosing Bucars RVs allows you to travel comfortably and worry-free. Our RVs are designed to optimize and maximize storage in every way possible. From spacious designs to extra storage space, staying organized is a lot easier with Bucars! Shop our wide selection of travel trailers today!


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