RV Product Recall Repair

Unfortunately RV owners can sometimes receive a recall notice for their RV from the RV manufacturer. These are issues that you will want to have fixed right away so your RV functions the way the manufacturer intended. Leaving a recall notice unattended to can cause further damage to your RV in the future. Whenever you receive a recall notice for your RV make sure to bring it into the RV service centre at Bucars RV dealership in Calgary.

The Bucars RV service centre has RV service technicians with years of experience, who have handled a wide assortment of different recalls. Our RV technicians work with the manufacturers to understand any recall that may be issued so they can fix it right. If you want your RV recall notice handled quickly and fixed right the first time then bring your RV into the Bucars RV service centre.

For more information on our RV product recall repair services please call our Calgary RV service department at 403-207-1666.


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