FAQ’s when Purchasing an RV

What are some of the most important factors for people looking to purchase a new RV?

Important factors are based on interests and personal preferences. A lot of customers first look for floor plan. Once they have selected a floor plan, they usually look for additional features. Additional features or configurations customers look for range from outdoor kitchens, interior storage space, residential queen bed, U-shaped dinette, etc. Customers often look at the reputation of the manufacturer to ensure they are getting a quality RV that will fit within their price range.

What type of budget do most people shopping for an RV most typically have?

At Bucars RV, we have a pretty wide range when it comes to inventory. Every customer is different! Because of this, we have everything from $20,000 new trailers to $800,000 motorhomes. The average travel trailer we sell is anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000. In terms of payments, most folks seem to be comfortable with $100-$120 bi-weekly payments. When it comes to payments like this, it’s important to know that the extra $20 gets you another $5000 worth of added features on your RV! Most folks will purchase the more expensive unit and take the added money on their payment to get into the RV that best suits their needs.

What’s the difference between purchasing a new RV opposed to a used one?

One common misconception is that the payments on a used RV are actually cheaper than a new one. However, this is not the case! The payment on a new RV is exactly the same as the payment on a two-year-old unit. The terms are longer and the interest rates are actually lower on a new RV. That being said, customers that are looking to make payments often go for a new RV as they will get the best value and a warranty to cover any defects as they are making payments. Customers that are looking to make a purchase with cash often opt to buy a used RV as they tend to have a set budget. Once again, it’s still better for those looking to make a cash budget to purchase a new RV and get a warranty to cover any defects to protect their investment.

Is a travel trailer right for my family?

We have a trailer for everyone. Typically, younger families are interested in travel trailers. This ranges from families with babies, a few kids to families with teenagers. With our large selection of travel trailers, we have a floor plan to suit every family’s needs.

Is a fifth wheel trailer right for my family?

The fifth wheel tends to be more popular among more mature RV owners. This is either someone that has owned an RV in the past or has received recommendations from family and friends that have owned one in the past. Families that are looking to take a longer trip, from 2-3 weeks, are usually more suited to fifth wheel trailers. Given the way fifth wheel trailers are towed, families that own suitable pickup trucks are also likely to be looking for a fifth wheel trailer.

Is a motorhome right for my family?

Motorhomes come in a range of shapes and sizes just like the needs of our customers! We have everything from small, Class C Motorhomes for young families that need something small with bunk beds, to Class A Diesel pushers for retired couples looking to live in their motorhome. That being said, we have a wide range of motorhomes for all budgets and needs.

How popular are toy haulers?

Toy haulers appeal to a bit more of a niche market when it comes to RV’s. In most cases, you need a one-ton truck to tow a toy hauler. Given that a very capable tow vehicle is required to pull one, it really limits the number of people that can own a toy hauler. The other factor is the price of toy haulers. Although they are expensive in comparison to our other trailers they tend to hold their value very well.

What can a person do to make their trade-in worth more or more desirable before bringing it in for an appraisal?

The first step when trading in your RV would be to clean it! A clean trailer that looks presentable will always look better and be desirable for resale. Secondly, empty the RV of any of your personal items so that it is ready to be traded in. Next, if there are any minor issues that need to be fixed, fix them properly. If there are any major issues that need to be fixed, contact our service department to see what the best option is. Finally, please bring the RV with you when you come to the dealership so that we can actually appraise it!

Can owning an RV be affordable and why?

The reason so many trailers are sold is that they are affordable. With a 20 year amortization on an open loan, campers can get into a $30,000, very well equipped RV for only $100 every two weeks. Thanks to the open loan, you can pay it off early with no penalty as well. Financing your RV is a very accommodating and flexible way to pay off your RV. When comparing it to what you would spend on a hotel room or a vacation, owning an RV for your next getaway is very affordable.

What type of RV would you suggest to full-time RVers and why?

Many full-time RVer’s choose to go with a higher end unit. They tend to appreciate the quality and construction, especially if they are going to be living in it for an extended period of time. When it comes to the actual type of RV, it depends on your lifestyle and what you intend to do with your RV. If you’re going to park the RV at a lake or a permanent camp spot, RVers tend to opt for a large fifth wheel or a travel trailer. If the customer plans on traveling frequently and wants to see the country, then owning a large motorhome is the way to go.

Why should someone purchase an RV from Bucars? What makes Bucars stand out?

Our online reviews speak for themselves. With our wide variety of RV’s, we have something for everyone. We are “refreshingly different’ and we strive to be that way each and every day. This means providing “knowledge without attitude”, educating our customers and guiding them to a purchase decision. Our service department puts our customers first, ensuring a long-lasting relationship starting from the time of purchase. We make it easy for the customer to feel comfortable, that they have made the right choice and that they have the peace of mind Bucars will be there for all their camping and RVing needs.

What are the advantages of purchasing an ultra-lite travel trailer?

The advantages of an ultra-lite travel trailer are their lightweight and their ease of towing. A lot of people are concerned about their vehicle’s ability to pull a travel trailer, the ultra lite trailers are able to be pulled by a small SUV or car. This means you do not have to purchase a tow vehicle to enjoy camping in your new RV.

What are the advantages of purchasing a travel trailer?

The advantages of purchasing a travel trailer is a simple fact that they are the most popular RV type.They are easier to match up to today’s vehicles because of more diverse weights and sizes as well there are hundreds of floor plans to choose from to suit any family’s needs. They are simple to hook up and tow and, do not take up any room in the back of your truck as compared to a fifth wheel. The variety and simplicity of ownership and use makes them a very popular choice for RVers.

What are the advantages of purchasing a fifth wheel?

The advantages of purchasing a fifth wheel trailer would be the enhanced towing capabilities. A lot of our customers like how fifth wheel trailers tow smoothly. On average, four feet of the fifth wheel trailer is located over the back of your pickup truck used to tow the RV. This decreases the total length you are towing and gives a better weight distribution over the rear axle of your tow vehicle. This reduces the amount of sway the RV will experience when you’re towing it on the highway. Fifth wheel trailers can also be easier to maneuver as the effective length is shorter than a traditional travel trailer would be. Fifth wheel trailers also offer some of the largest living spaces compared to all other RV types. If you are looking for a large comfortable space then look no farther than a fifth wheel.

What are the advantages of purchasing a Class A Motorhome?

Class A motorhomes are some of the largest RV’s we offer and as such can be one of the best options for a full-time RVer or those looking to travel in comfort and style. Some of the biggest advantages are the wide view you get looking out the large front window. Our Class A Motorhomes provide a spectacular view when traveling. In addition to being a great way to travel, they hold their value very well and can be an affordable option.

What are the advantages of a Class C Motorhome?

The advantages of a Class C Motorhome is the size of the RV and the price. The smaller size makes them easy to maneuver, store and park. Class C Motorhomes are also an affordable option which is great for those looking to get into an RV for the first time.

What are the advantages of purchasing a used RV?

The advantages of purchasing a used RV is that you are not paying for the depreciation value of the RV. A lot of people like to save money and go with a pre-owned unit if they can, and if it makes sense. If you only use the RV once or twice a year, a used RV would be a good fit for your needs.


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