Bucars Blog — July 4 2017

Why Convert your RV to Solar Power?

While out on the road or at the RV park you have most likely seen an RV outfitted with solar panels. This might have you thinking of converting your RV to solar as well. Converting your RV to solar has a number of advantages, however you may have some concerns as to the conversion process. Many Rvers have the perception that converting their RV to solar is an expensive and inconvenient process. At Bucars we can assure you that this is not the case. Many Rvers are surprised when they visit us and find out just how affordable a solar panel conversion can be. Upon closer review many of the RV owners we work with realize that their long term savings will likely far outweigh the cost of the initial conversion. They also realize it is no hassle at all, the experts at Bucars handle the entire conversion process and can complete the solar conversion work quickly. We can have you RV converted to solar and back out on the road in no time.

What are the Major Advantages of Converting your RV to Solar Power?

Probably one the biggest advantages of converting your RV to solar is that you will no longer be reliant on power hook ups. Many campgrounds have a limited amount of campsites with electrical hook ups and some more remote locations do not have any electrical hook ups. Once your RV runs on solar power this is something you will no longer have to worry about, as long as there is sun your RV will have power. With an RV that runs on solar power you will have more campgrounds made available to you, and outback RV travel is now a possibility.

Another great advantage of converting your RV to solar power is that the solar conversion can be tailored to your needs. The amount of power your RV will need can vary on the RV’s size and how many appliances you need to run. Some RVers may just want to run an engine battery using solar power, while others may decide to run systems such as hot water heaters or kitchen appliances. The great thing about converting your RV to solar is that no matter your needs there is a solar power solution for your RV. This also means that your RV’s solar system can be expanded as your needs change. If you want to start with a basic battery charge and then move to powering your appliances at a later date, this is something Bucars can do.

Another key advantage to converting your RV to solar power is the cost savings. The amount you will save over time will vary based on how much you use your RV. RVers who travel frequently stand to save the most money. If you are an RVer who spends weeks or months travelling each year you can save thousands of dollars. Once your RV has been converted to solar you will save money in two main ways. First you will not need to rely on outside energy sources as much, additionally you will no longer need to pay extra for campsites with electrical outlets. Once your RV has been converted to solar the more time you spend out on the road travelling the more you will save.

What Types of RV’s can be Converted to Solar?

The experts at Bucars can take almost every make and model of RV and convert it to solar power. The age of your RV doesn’t matter Bucars will be able to convert it to solar power, however the newer the RV the more easily it can be converted. The size of your RV also does not matter, whether you have a class C motorhome or a lightweight travel trailer we have a solar conversion solution for you. If you have been wanting to look further into converting your RV to solar but didn’t think it was possible then get ahold of the experts at Bucars.

For more information on converting your RV to solar power the RV experts at Bucars RV dealership are ready to help you. Please give us a call at 403-207-1666 or stop by our dealership location just north of Calgary.


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