Bucars Blog — June 16 2016

How to Work a Manual Awning

Hi I’m Craig with Bucars RV center. I’d like to talk to you about operating our awnings.

In this case here, we have a manual awning and with that we have travel locks. In this case it is a velcro strap. So we first want to unlock our travel lock. We need to do this to both arms front and rear. Inside the awning arm we have our rafter arm. There’s a lock mechanism
on the rafter arm itself so we’re just gonna loosen that off, on both the front and
back. Once both sides are free we’re ready to unlock and simply roll the awning out.

Now we’ll take our rafter arms, it’ll slide up, lock in to place. Then on the head here, we’re going to add some tension tighten our rafter arm and that way when the winds come up it’ll keep it from buffeting and shaking on the awning.

The same goes for the front side. Again, a little tension and we can take our draw cord and just wrap it up to our awning arm to get it out of the way. Otherwise, the wind will blow it off the awning tube.

Now, we’re ready to extend our awning and the manual awnings give us quite a bit of versatility in that we can create a side slope for runoff away from where we’re primarily under the awning or any conditions. Also, if you like, we can also remove a foot from the sidewall of the trailer. There are holes on the bottom to stake it into the ground so we can walk beside the trailer without into hitting our awning arm.

Tear down is pretty much the same everything in Reverse. So we’ll lock the foot back into the clip on the trailer, lower awning arms, loosen, and to remove the rafter arm, there’s a clip that we push on the inside. It simply falls back and rests out of the way. Now, to roll the line up, we’re going to grab the tether cord, get a good hold, release some of the pressure, put it in a closed position, I like to come to the middle of my awning so you have equal pull on either side, let it up to the trailer. I now snug up my rafter arm just so it doesn’t loosen from vibration on the road, unwind itself in and loosen itself and the handle and then re-secure our travel lock.

With that, your awning is retracted, secured, ready for travel. One Mistake I have seen made is for whatever reason some people come by and flip that switch again. Now it is in the roll out position and with wind speed it can actually pull out like a parachute and rip it off the coach. So when you flip the switch to retract it, don’t touch the switch after that and it’s stowed and ready for travel.


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