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Ordering RV Parts

What you Need to Know Before Ordering RV Parts

To help our Parts & Accessories Specialists source the correct
parts for you, use these guidelines to help you complete the Order RV Parts form.

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Provide our Parts & Accessories Specialists with as much information as possible

Including pictures or videos of the part you need, or any other identifiers such as tags or plates can go a long way in helping us identify what you need. See below for other helpful tips on what we need to know to match the correct parts:

  • Appliance Parts: Manufacturer of appliance, model and/or product number
  • Manufacturer Parts: Make, model, year and serial number of your RV
  • Accessory Items: Manufacturer, model or product number and a link to where you saw the accessory item if found online.
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RV Parts are Not Standard

We hear it all the time – “Aren’t all these parts standard?”

While we wish it was the case, it’s true that not all RV parts are equal and standardized. Let’s use vent lids as an example, they’re found on all RVs so they must be the same shape, size and style, right?

You would be surprised to learn that the vent lids come with all different styles of hinges, and we are unable to look up what style of hinge is used on your specific RV. In this case, the only way we can provide a proper replacement vent lid is if we receive a photo of the vent lid hinge, taken from the outside, up on the roof.

This same scenario is true for many different RV replacement parts. Remember, RVs are made like your home, not your car. The safe bet is to always take pictures and/or videos and send them to our Parts & Accessories Specialists for the quickest identification of what is required.

Bucars RV Dealer

Talk with our Parts & Accessories Specialists

Unsure which part you need for your RV? You can start by giving us a call or text, or simply chat with us using the chat box on this page. Our expert team of Parts & Accessories Specialists will be able to guide you on how to find the details they’ll need to find the right part for you. Find out for yourself why we are known as the premier RV Parts & Accessories department in Canada.

When we say ‘our expert team’ we seriously mean it, our Specialists know RVs inside and out. We’ll be able to walk you through how and where to find the information needed to get the correct parts ordered for your

Reach out to us today, we are always ready to help!

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