Bucars Blog — May 2 2017

Get to Know our Manufacturers: Woodland Park

As you learn more about Bucars RV dealership you can see that we are a unique Calgary RV dealership. One of the things that helps make us unique is the fact that we sell park model homes. However we don’t sell just any park model homes, we only sell the highest quality park models. A big reason we are able to do this is our partnership with Woodland Park, one of the most trusted park model homes manufacturers in North America. At Bucars RV dealership we feel privileged to be able to offer Woodland Park park model homes to our customers.

Woodland Park prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality park model homes available in North America. Woodland Park has been manufacturing park models for over 30 years and their experience and passion are exhibited in every park model they construct. Woodland Park is so committed to providing you with the best park model home that they have an admitted obsession for quality. They don’t simply stop their obsession upon completion of the building process, in fact during construction, every Woodland Park product goes through a battery of tests and quality checks to ensure their products meet the high standards set at the factory level. When you purchase a Woodland Park park model home you can be assured that you are receiving an RV that can survive the harshest elements and the test of time.

Many of Woodland Parks competitors feel like their job is done once the park model home is finished construction and ready for shipping. Well Woodland Park does not feel like their job stops at this point, they just aren’t satisfied yet. Every Woodland Park model goes through a meticulous rigid final inspection process. This is when the team member in charge of the service and warranty department performs the final inspection. Think about that for a moment the person, who will get the call from you if something is wrong, has the final say whether a unit is complete. Only then do they consider a product worthy to ship.This obsession for quality is what you would expect from the industry’s quality leader.

When purchasing a new park model home it is important to feel safe and secure in your purchase. You want the peace of mind that your new park model will stand up to the harsh Alberta winter and will be providing you with comfort for many years to come. With Woodland Park this is something you can expect, their obsession with quality ensures you are getting the highest quality park model home available.

It is one thing to say you offer the highest quality park model homes in North America and it is another thing to stand behind that claim. Woodland Park does just that by offering an industry leading 3 year warranty. If somehow a defect or imperfection makes it through the rigorous testing procedures of Woodland Park then they will make sure they fix it. No one is more committed to providing you with a high quality park model home than Woodland Park.

Bucars RV dealership in Calgary is proud to carry Woodland Park park model homes. There is always a high demand for Woodland Park homes and for good reason. If you are looking for more information on Woodland Park models or would like to tour one for yourself let one of our RV specialists help you. Feel free to stop by our RV dealership location just north of Calgary or call us at 403-207-1666.


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