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Travel Trailers vs. Fifth Wheels – Which One is Best for your Family?

When it comes to an RV you can tow Bucars has two great options, the travel trailer and the fifth wheel. Both RV body types have distinct advantages over the other and vary to suit the specific needs of adventuring families. Of course the best way to know whether a travel trailer or fifth wheel is best for you is to come and visit Bucars just north of Calgary and see them for yourself. Just stop by our lot and take a look or call one of our knowledgeable product specialists at 1-800-267-8348.

The Benefits of a Travel Trailer

Travel Trailers have a lot of benefits and one of the most appealing benefits is that they come in many different shapes and sizes. Travel trailers can be small and lightweight or long with lots of living space, this means you can purchase a travel trailer based on the towing capability of your current vehicle. Travel trailers don’t require large trucks to tow them, a regular car, an SUV or a van with sufficient towing capacity can serve as the tow vehicle. Using these vehicles as a tow vehicle allows you to take more passengers on the trip with you. Another great advantage of travel trailers design is if you decide to use a truck to tow your travel trailer your truck bed is free to haul recreational vehicles or additional supplies.

Travel trailers also offer the benefit of some great living spaces and plenty of space for multiple guests. Travel trailers feature one level floor plan, providing a lot of living space per foot length. Travel trailers provide great spaces for welcoming in other adventurers for an evening of cribb or adapting to sleep a varying number of guests.

One of the travel trailers most appealing benefits is its affordability. The travel trailer it is an affordable RV, and they are generally less expensive than a 5th wheel body type. The travel trailer offers a lot of living space for its size and there are different options like lighter and some expandable models. The travel trailer can adapt to your budget and living space needs and it a popular choice among many RV enthusiasts.

Bucars is proud to carry some of the most popular and awarded travel trailer models available in Calgary. These models include the Venture RV Sporttrek and Sonic models and the K-Z RV Spree Escape, Spree Connect, Spree Sportsmen and Coyote MXT models.

The Benefits of a 5th Wheel

5th wheels feature just as many unique benefits as travel trailers do and they appeal to many different outdoor adventurers. One of its key advantages is its maneuverability compared to any other RV trailer. The 5th wheel is more maneuverable and stable than a conventional travel trailer, it is also easier to backup and hitch alone without guidance.

Some additional 5th wheel benefits includes its ability to offer much more storage space compared to other RV trailer models of the same length. They also offer more height than other trailer body types to accommodate taller campers and feature big holding tanks useful when boondocking.

Many modern 5th wheel models feature slide out sections which increase the interior width from 8 to 14 feet when stationed. In fact 5th wheel models generally provide the most interior space among all trailer body types. The 5th wheel is sure to accommodate a large family comfortably even for the longest of road trips.

Bucars is proud to carry some of the most popular and awarded 5th wheel models available in Calgary. These models include the K-Z RV Sportsmen and Durango and the Heartland Cyclone and Edge.


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