Bucars Blog — April 11 2012

Top 22 Places to RV in Western Canada

We asked around and came up with some of our top places to RV in Western Canada this summer. Leave YOUR top spot in our comments section below.

1. Area: Tunnel Mountain Campground, Banff National Park, AB

Why It’s Great: A large, beautiful facility that makes a perfect base camp for exploring Banff & the Rockies. Recommended by Bucars customer Leigh-Anne

2. Area: West Bay Beach Resort, West Kelowna, BC

Why It’s Great: Family fun in one of the few places you can get a beach site on the Okanagan Lake.

3. Area: Redstreak Park, Kootenay National Park, BC

Why It’s Great: Work on your swing at one of the many golf courses in the area, then rest and relax in the nearby hot springs!

4. Area: Surf Junction, Ucluelet, BC

Why It’s Great: A beachcomber’s paradise! Learn to surf, try sea kayaking or just soak in the hot tub and enjoy the ocean view.

5. Area: Green Point Campground, Tofino, BC

Why It’s Great: Conveniently located near Long Beach, this is your place for building sandcastles, basking in bonfires and savouring ocean sunsets.

6. Area: Two O’Clock Creek Campground, Kootenay Plains Recreation Area, AB

Why It’s Great: The hiking here is incredibly diverse, from hoodoos and icefalls to lakeshores and snow-covered peaks.

7. Area: Dinosaur Trail RV Resort, Drumheller, AB

Why It’s Great: It’s the perfect launch point to explore the rugged Badlands and the world-famous dinosaur museum.

8. Area: Douglas Provincial Park, SASK

Why It’s Great: A great family-orientated park conveniently located near Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan’s “Great” lake.

9. Area: Narrow Hills Provincial Park, SASK

Why It’s Great: A dramatic landscape complimented by the greatest variety of fish in the province, this is an angler’s dream!

10. Area: Nesslin Lake Campground, SASK

Why It’s Great: An enormous lake and sandy beach compliment this cultural hub. Catch the Ness Creek music festival held annually in July.

11. Area: Echo Valley Provincial Park, Qu’Appelle Valley, SASK

Why It’s Great: One of Saskatchewan’s most beautiful playgrounds with coolies, hollows and beaches to explore.

12. Area: Wilcox Creek Campground, Jasper National Park, AB

Why It’s Great: You’re a stone’s throw from the incredible Columbia Ice Fields, an absolute Albertan must-see.

13. Area: Living Forest Oceanside Campground & RV Park, Nanaimo, BC

Why It’s Great: “A beautiful forest setting – you can see the ocean from most sites. Great trails – watch for bald eagles during the salmon run!”. – Bucars Customer Melanie Ambrose

14. Area: Eagle Vista RV Resort & Campground, Squamish, BC

Why It’s Great: A great stop for windsurfing, white-water rafting or a leisurely sail.

15. Area: Beauvais Lake Provincial Park, Pincher Creek, AB

Why It’s Great: “Lots of hikes, great boating and a convenient map that will take you right up the mountain!” – Bucars Customer Sheila

16. Area: Wyndham Carseland Recreation Area, AB

Why It’s Great: Close to modern amenities but out far enough for big, clear skies, this is an ideal stop to kick back and marvel at the stars. Also great for bird watching! Recommended by Bucars Customer Steven (Luft)

17. Area: Aspen Beach Provincial Campground, AB

Why It’s Great: “It’s a very nice campground with a beautiful beach!” – Bucars Customer Selina (De Coteau)

18. Area: Sawmill Bay Campground, Amisk Lake, SASK

Why It’s Great: Now this is seclusion! Enjoy excellent fishing, canoeing and hiking. When night falls, watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky.

19. Area: Golden Ears Provincial Park, Maple Ridge, BC

Why It’s Great: Take 3 huge campgrounds with gorgeous surrounds, add extensive trails for hiking and horseback riding and it’s easy to see why this is a most-loved RV destination.

20. Area: Covered Wagon RV Park, Magrath, AB

Why It’s Great: It’s tough to find a quieter RV park within just 20 minutes of a major city! Recommended by Bucars customer Melanie Ambrose

21. Area: Mount Kidd RV Park, AB

Why It’s Great: A large park with affordable rates for year-round camping in the Canadian Rockies! Recommended by Bucars customer Erin

22. Area: Waterton Lakes National Park, AB

Why It’s Great: Come nose-to-nose with local wildlife and enjoy some of the best sight-seeing and hiking in the province. Recommended by Bucars customer Patricia Olsen.



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