Bucars Blog — May 10 2017

Our top 11 service requests and why they’re important

By Brian Mackenzie, Service Manager

The Service Department (actually, we like to call it the Customer Care Centre) at Bucars is one of the best in the business and we attribute that to our amazing staff. Each and every day, the team are run off their feet working on customer RVs, preparing new deliveries and ensuring each service request is handled with the utmost care. Since our opening of the Balzac location we’ve taken care of over 15,000 service requests. Amazing, hey!

What are some of the most popular, you might ask. Below we go over some of our most popular service items and why some are more important than you might think.

1. Multi-Point Inspections and Gas Test
This is by far the most popular maintenance item. Without a thorough inspection of your RV, it’s hard to know what needs repairing. Worse, if you have a gas leak, we need to address it ASAP.

2. Solar Kit Installations
Since solar power for your RV has become so reliable, it’s no wonder that this has become a popular service item. Solar is a great way to supplement your energy needs and there are many packages to choose from.

3. Hitch/Wiring Installations
With many of the RVs sold at Bucars we often need to install a hitch or tow wiring-package to the tow vehicle. A hitch and wiring installation should always be completed by a trained professional.

4. Roof Inspections and Sealtech Leak Detection Service
Water damage can costs thousands of dollars to repair, which is why we recommend inspecting your roof often, and, if you think there is a leak, put our Sealtech Leak Detection system to work so we can find and repair it correctly.

5. Wheel Bearing Repack
Over time your trailer bearing grease breaks down, plus the heat generated by friction speeds up the process. It’s important to keep your wheels well lubricated and we recommend performing a bearing repack every year or 10,000 KM.

6. Dinghy Tow System Installations
Being able to tow your vehicle behind your motorhome is a fantastic thing! Again, installing your tow package by a certified professional is a must and our team at Bucars are properly trained pros.

7. RV Product Recalls
Every now and then, RV manufacturers perform recalls on specific items or components and because our team are specifically trained for each manufacturer we carry, Bucars is the place to get this work done.

8. Aqua-Hot Service
Bucars is a certified service centre for all Aqua-Hot instant hot water heater repairs. Receiving service from a non-certified centre may void any warranties, so beware.

9. Winterizing and De-Winterizing
A must year-over-year, winterizing and de-winterizing your RV is essential for keeping water lines in good working order. We’ve performed literally thousands of these since Bucars was founded in 1959.

10. RV Appliance Repair and Installation
A seemingly rare service item but one we see a lot of – appliance repair. No one knows how to install RV refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, or furnaces like your certified pros at Bucars.

11. Battery Inspection or Replacement
We don’t blame you for not wanting to open up your acid batteries – that’s what we’re here for! It’s equally important to ensure you’re purchasing the propers RV battery for your RV and our team at Bucars are all trained on the matter.

If you find your RV in need of a repair or service, visit our 16-bay RV Service Department and see what makes us refreshingly different.


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