Bucars Blog — October 2 2012

There’s a New Campground Cruiser In Town: The Fixie

Photo from http://www.singlebikes.com/

There’s nothing better than rollin’ around the RV park with your bike. Perhaps a basket out front, filled with a bottle of wine and baguette. Yeah right. These days, it’s all about urban spinning with the latest from fixie bike culture.

We know you’ve heard of them: The Fixie. But what exactly are they? Well, they’re essentially like any other bike out there except for one big difference. The rear hub, rather than having 5 or 6 gears on them, it has one gear. Not only that, but the hub doesn’t spin freely when you stop pedaling. That’s right, it keeps going. And your legs better keep going with it.

Fixie is short for “fixed gear” meaning the cog is directly attached to the wheel. See, a lot of bike couriers and bike culture fans love riding these things. One of the main reasons is that with fewer parts, such as large multi-speed cogs, the bikes are lighter. Plus a lot of fixie riders love the feeling they get riding fixie. They feel attached to the bike. And, it provides remarkable amounts of maneuverability.

Not into the fixie thing? Not to worry, most single speed bikes have a “flip-flop” hub with a fixie on one side and a freewheel on the other. Take both for a spin and you’ll get a feel for which you like best.

Cruising around the RV park, heading down to the store, or just going for a nice ride along the beach, the fixie might be the perfect mode of transport for you. A lot of local retailers are carrying fixies. And, there are a bunch of online retailers available where you can customize your bike (they even ship to Canada!). Check out these great bike options and some accessories to get you decked out.

Globe Roll 1 and Roll 1 Drop (we like the drop bar version) (Available on request from Cranked  in Airdrie)

Pure Fixie (check out the glow-in-the-dark frame)

Mission Bicycle Co. (build your own)

Heritage Bicycles (Recently visited these guys in Chicago and was in love!)

Single Bikes (out of Vancouver)

Must-Have Accessories

The Ass Saver (that’s what they’re called!) – $10.00

Brick Lane Roll-Up Panniers – $230.00

Wine Carriage – $50.00

Leg strap – $8.50

Kryptonite U-Lock and Holster – $49.99 and $15


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