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Tent Trailers vs. Travel Trailers – What are the Benefits of Each?

At Bucars RV we carry a large selection of both used and new towable RV’s. Among these towable RV’s we carry two great body types the travel trailer and the tent trailer also known as the pop-up or fold down trailer. Both of these body types have unique benefits that suit varying types of needs. We want to help you figure out which body type is best for your family. Of course the best way to do this is to come down and visit our lot and see them for yourself, but if you can’t make it to us this article can help you with your decision. Please keep in mind if you have any questions about travel trailers or tent trailers you can call us at 1-800-267-8348, we are always eager to help.

The Benefits of a Travel Trailer

The travel trailer has a ton of benefits when RV’ing and this is why it is the most popular body type among all RV’s. Travel trailers can vary in towing weight ranging from ultra lightweight to larger models with an abundance of living space. The beauty of a travel trailer is that you will be able to find a model that will suit the towing capacity of your current vehicle. Not having to buy a new vehicle so you can tow your RV is a huge benefit of the travel trailer.

Another great benefit to travel trailers isn’t only the variety of sizes and weights they offer but the variety of features and layouts as well. Travel trailers come in endless sizes and many feature garages, roof top patios, bay windows, fireplaces, offices, hideaway beds, expanding sides, and lowering roofs. If you can dream it, chances are someone has already built it.

One other undeniable benefit of the travel trailer is that it is detachable from your tow vehicle. This means you can leave your trailer at the park and use your car or truck for shopping and sightseeing.

Bucars is proud to carry some of the most popular and awarded travel trailer models available in Calgary. These models include the Venture RV Sporttrek and Sonic models and the K-Z RV Spree Escape, Spree Connect, Spree Sportsmen and Coyote MXT models.

The Benefits of a Tent Trailer

Tent trailers are the perfect RV body type for those who want the convenience of an RV without a large trailer or RV taking up space on their property or having to pay to store it. The tent trailer is incredibly easy to store and takes up the least amount of space among all RV body types. Tent trailers are often bought as a first trailer for families, they are lightweight enough to be towed by virtually any car and can be found in many lengths with options such as hot water, refrigerator, air conditioning and washrooms.

The tent trailer is by far the most affordable body type among RV’s and is perfect for those who are looking to take their first steps into RV’ing. Tent trailers are a good introduction to the RVing lifestyle with monthly payments that can start as low as $99, perfect for first-time buyers or families with young children.

Even though tent trailers are the most compact trailer available they still offer plenty of living space. Many tent trailers include facilities for kitchen, dining and sleeping. Some models even include a slide-out section to increase floor space in the centre of the unit. Not only can they offer great living space they also can offer great features such as stoves, refrigerators, toilets and showers. So even though they take up less space it doesn’t mean you are giving up amenities as a result.

Bucars is proud to carry a large variety of quality used tent trailers. We encourage you to come visit us and see our available tent trailers for yourself, or call us at 1-800-267-8348.


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