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Motorhomes vs. Fifth Wheel Trailers – Which one fits your RV lifestyle?

When buying your next RV the biggest decision a buyer faces is which type of RV is right for them and their family. One of the toughest choices can be deciding between a Class A Motorhome and a Fifth Wheel Trailer. These two RV body styles offer the most living space compared to all other RV’s and require the largest financial investment. Because this decision requires such an investment it is important that you make the right decision. Bucars RV wants to help by giving you some specific advantages of each RV and outline which RV is best for the RV lifestyle you live. Of course the best way to truly find out which RV will suit your family best is by visiting our RV dealership just north of Calgary.

Benefits of a Class A Motorhome

The most important benefit of a Class A Motorhome is something that no other RV body type can offer and that is its accessibility while on the road. With a motorhome you have access to the washroom, kitchen and living area while you’re driving to your next destination. This makes those long road trips much more comfortable, and means less stops along the way. Another fantastic advantage of a motorhome while on the road is the panoramic view you get while driving down the open highway. Sitting high above all the cars gives you have a better view of the traffic ahead of you. This helps you spot trouble earlier, choose when to take an exit, or spot a sought-after destination.

If you are worried about how you will travel around once you get to your destination Class A Motorhomes allow the ability to tow a car behind them. With most motorhomes, you won’t even notice the car is attached because there is adequate power to maintain your speed.

Some buyers become worried about the amount of living space available to them once they have reached their desired location. Most Class A Motorhomes offer slide outs that increase the living space once the motorhome is parked. However these slideouts are limited in the space they offer so they don’t take up too much living space while the motorhome is travelling.

Benefits of a Fifth Wheel Trailer

The most distinct advantage of the fifth wheel trailer that allows it to stand out among all other RV’s is the amount of living space they offer. Most fifth wheel trailers come with large slide outs on both sides that when used give the trailer a spacious apartment type feel. No other RV model can offer the type of living space that a fifth wheel trailer can, and that more home like feel.

Another great advantage to the fifth wheel trailer is its towing method, because it is hitched over the rear axle of the towing truck it virtually eliminates sway while travelling. This makes for easy travel down the highway and peace of mind while maneuvering the trailer. It also offers the advantage of coming off the hitch when you reach your destination and opening up your tow vehicle to allow you to travel around while at your destination.

Storage space is an issue that is important to all RV’ers and the fifth wheel trailer does a great job of offering this. Since the fifth wheels living space is not in use during travel it is available to store more than enough while travelling to your next adventure.

Which RV Lifestyle is Each RV Suited for?

When it comes to deciding which RV is right for you either a Class A Motorhome of a Fifth Wheel Trailer it all comes down to the RV lifestyle you live. If you are an RV’er that spends most of their time on the road travelling from destination to destination then a motorhome is right for you. It allows for a much more comfortable and convenient travelling experience. If you are an RV’er that spends the majority of their time at one location or spends a lot of time in between travel then a fifth wheel trailer would be your ideal RV. The larger and more comfortable living space once the large slideouts are in use offers a feeling of home that no other RV model can match.

If you need even more help deciding which RV model is right for you let our RV experts at Bucars RV help. Please just give us a call at 1-800-267-8348 or stop by our lot in Balzac just north of Calgary.


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