Bucars Blog — May 9 2012

Meet David Reid

We took 10 min and chatted with our newest Sales Consultant, David Reid, about what brought him to Bucars and some of the things he loves about the RVing biz.

1) What brought you to Bucars?

I would say that the culture of the dealership is what brought me here. The owners really do care about the customers they service, not in just what they say, but what they do. It’s great to see the owners Jeff and Kyle so involved with the customers as well as the staff on a daily basis. Not only does it reassure the customers, but the employees as well, that they are a part of a much larger picture.

2) What do you love most about the RVing business?

The thrill of being around camping everyday. When I was young, and being raised on a farm, camping was our fun escape. We couldn’t afford to go on planes and stay in hotels, we took out the 1973 Scamper trailer. My mom had put us three boys into swimming lessons as well, so we actually stayed in the trailer for a couple of weeks out at the lake. Those are the “growing up” memories that I cherish. I really want the people I’m helping to have the same fun experiences I had. There is nothing more satisfying for me than to see the big smiles on my customers faces when they are picking up their new rv.

3) Do you RV? Favourite spots? What do you RV with?

YES, AND LOVE IT. Our favourite spots are Bottrel, Burnt Timber, and of course, Kananaskis Country. We go camping with a 2012 28 foot travel trailer with slideout and quad bunks.

4) Advice you most often give to first time RVers?

What I tell my customers when I first meet them is that it is very hard to trust someone that they have just met. I reassure them that they are in good hands and that their experience with me will be different than what they are used to. I show them not only what they want, but how well the trailer is designed with them in mind. DEPENDABILITY is the key word for me. Everybody buys a trailer for fun, but a more dependable trailer makes that fun happen.

I also tell them to ask other salespeople if they actually own an rv as well. You wouldn’t believe how many people just work at selling rv’s and actually don’t like to go rving. I know that I would rather deal with someone who is passionate about what he is doing than someone just looking for a paycheck.

5) Most memorable customers?

To me, all my customers are memorable. Some of them actually go camping with me and my family. I guess these customers are the ones that are most memorable.

About David

David was born in Lloydminster Saskatchewan and raised on a family farm about 35kms south. After graduation, he moved to Red Deer for a couple of years and was then hired as a sales consultant for Woody’s RV in Calgary in 1993. David stayed with Woody’s for over 18 years, including being the manager of one of it’s Calgary locations for 5 years, until the end of 2008. He went back to sales consulting until March of this year, being their top consultant for 3 years straight. On April 4th, David began his career with Bucars.


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