Bucars Blog — July 4 2012

Giddy Up! It’s Stampede Time!

Loosen your tie. Iron those plaid shirts. Pull out your cowboy hat. It’s Stampede time!

It’s one of the lasting traditions of our great town and one we’re all truly proud to call our own. The Calgary Stampede turns 100 this year, a massive milestone. Just think – Fenway Park in Boston is also 100 this year. Theatre Junction GRAND in Calgary is 100 years old. U.S. retailer L.L. Bean is 100. The Titanic sunk 100 years ago. It’s a big deal.

RVing has always been a part of the Stampede. Many people flock to the city in their big rigs, set up at some of the local RV parks and campgrounds, and enjoy the countless activities around town. In fact, the team at Bucars has put together a short list of campgrounds in the city you might consider staying at.

Bucars is gearing up for another fantastic next 10 days, as we always do. Every year for the past 15 years or so, we loan a few trailers to the famous Grandstand Show to be used as dressing rooms for notable guests. These performers love having a comfortable place to call their own while at the Stampede.

We’ll also be at the CrossIron Mills Stampede Breakfast Monday July 9th, flipping flapjacks, serving up refreshments, and showcasing a few trailers. Come on up!

Of course, Bucars is always open throughout the Stampede and are often called upon for a repair, RV part, or to just browse the new stuff on our lot. So if you’re in town and need anything, do not hesitate to come up to the dealership and say hello.

Happy Stampedin’!


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