Bucars Blog — June 12 2012

Get to know our new website better

We’ve gone to great strides to make our website a better RV browsing experience for you. We totally understand that the web is one of the first places people go to start learning about RVs and RV dealers, and discovering which RV brand and layout might be right for them. Whether you’re from Airdrie, Calgary, Halifax or Helsinki, here are a few areas of the site that should help you in your search.

Our Home page is the starting point for learning about the RVs we carry and a bit about our dealership. Here you’ll find a “quick browse” area on the left hand side; a scrolling banner with dealership features, specials or events; our feature RVs down the left hand side; and below that, a couple of feature boxes to help point you in the right direction. We also have videos for you to watch and of course links at the top to take you wherever you want to go.

Search inventory
Searching our inventory is the number one reason people visit our website. We’ve provided a few different options to do this.

1) Use the quick browse are on our homepage to get a list of available RVs based on your search criteria. This is a quick and easy method for someone who has a really good idea what they’re looking for.

2) Use the “Browse By” drop-down link to search “All listings” by “Manufacturer,” “Brand,” “Body type,” or “Year.” This search option is great for people who like to see a broad range of available RVs based on a single criteria.

Schedule service
Did you know you can schedule a service appointment right from our website? It’s as easy as clicking “Service” at the top of our website and filling out a bit of information. A Service Administrator will contact you right away to confirm the appointment.

Sign up to Bucars U
Interested in learning more about your RV and the RVing lifestyle? We have a great program that’s FREE and available for everyone – it’s called Bucars U. Check out our schedule of events we hold throughout the year at www.bucarsrv.com/bucars-u. We’re sure you’ll find something interesting. To sign up for a seminar, simply click “Register Now.” On the registration page, fill out your information and select the seminars you’d like to attend. Feel free to select more than one! Click submit and you’re done. You should receive a reminder email prior to the event, just in case.

Peruse the Bucars Blog
We love sharing cool stuff. So if you’re in the mood to read a little Bucars news or see what we’re liking these days, just go to our Blog.

Learn about Bucars
All the juicy gossip about Bucars – you know, how it’s a family owned and operated business, that we’re Calgary’s oldest RV dealer, that it was all started back in 1959 by a gentleman names Stan Bucar – can be found by clicking “The Bucars Difference” at the top of our website.

Is there anything else you’d like to know about our website that we haven’t shared or that isn’t apparent? Just drop us a line at info@bucarsrv.com.



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