Bucars Blog — January 26 2015

5 Great Reasons to Attend the 2015 Calgary RV Show

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Another new year brings another RV Show to Calgary’s BMO Centre. And you might be asking: “why would I bother going to the RV Show”? Well, here are five good reasons to visit the Calgary RV Expo & Sale this year that maybe you never thought of:

1. Concession Food

On top of the endless variety and selection of RVs available down at the show, one can’t go wrong with the delicious assortment of concession food items at BMO Centre. Yum!

2. Free Stuff, Swag and Giveaways

Sure, having the convenience of browsing 22 different types of RV’s (at our booth anyway, and on red carpet no less!) under the BMO roof, and out of the elements is pretty amazing. But we know a big reason people love the Calgary RV Expo & Sale is for the free stuff (like our 2015 Bucars Magazine). So come and get it.

3. Deals

You have the rest of winter and, lets be honest, the beginning parts of spring to purchase the RV of your dreams before you can actually take it for it’s inaugural ride, but we’d love to see everything we bring to the show get a new owner at the show which is why each RV is priced accordingly.

4. Something to do

Buying an RV is a big decision and no one understand that better than we do. But hey, say you’re only remotely considering thinking about possibly getting into this great adventure, come on down and smell the new RV smells; at least it’ll give you something to do.

5. Kick the Winter Blues

One can only take so much Vitamin D to compensate the fact we get only 5 hours of sun each day (at least that’s what it seems). Kick the winter blues, chat with other excited RVers and relish in the thought of casting a line, hiking the hike of your dreams or just relaxing with your family at this year’s Calgary RV Expo & Sale.

Hope to see you there.

– Bucars


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