Bucars Blog — April 13 2016

Which Travel Trailer is right for my Family?

After doing some initial research on your next RV you have decided that a travel trailer is the right RV body type for your family. The amazing variety of sizes and features is why you’ve decided on a travel trailer. Now you have to determine which size and features are going to be the right fit for your RV lifestyle. At Bucars RV we have a large selection of travel trailers in a variety of sizes and with a wide range of different features. This means we will be able to help you find a travel trailer that meets all of your family’s needs.

When determining which travel trailer is right for you there are two major factors that should impact your decision. The first factor that will affect your decision is the size of your family. When purchasing a travel trailer you will want to make sure you have enough room and sleeping areas for all the members of your family. The second factor that will help decide which travel trailer is right for you is your tow vehicle. If you are planning on using your current vehicle to tow your travel trailer then we need to find a travel trailer weight that works for you. One of the great features of travel trailers is that there are some lightweight enough that they can be towed by a van or SUV, but also larger fully loaded models for those with vehicles with large towing capacities.

If you have a vehicle with very limited towing capacity and a smaller family something like the Venture RV Sonic travel trailer may be right for you. The Venture RV Sonic is an ultra-lightweight travel trailer with a dry-weight starting at under 3,000 pounds.With the Sonic just because you are getting an ultra-lightweight travel trailer doesn’t mean you are sacrificing comfort. That is proven with luxury items such as a café latte mosaic backsplash, chef glass cooktop cover and designer carefree wood plank linoleum. Here at Bucars we also offer an even lighter travel trailer option with our K-Z RV Spree Escape travel trailer model. This model has a starting dry-weight of 2,200 pounds, and offers an interior that exudes style with a wood look floor and modern accents.

If you are looking for a lightweight trailer but have a larger family then the Venture RV SportTrek maybe the right model for you. The SportTrek is the first lightweight travel trailer to feature a model with a bunkhouse which, sleeps nine in the bunkroom and six additional people, meaning it can sleep a total of 15. This means if you have a large family but a vehicle with a smaller towing capacity you can still have a travel trailer that meets your family’s needs.

What if you aren’t limited by towing capacity and want a travel trailer with all the bells and whistles? Well at Bucars we have several great travel trailer options that can match what you are looking for. The Spree Connect is a comfortable and spacious travel trailer with plenty of room for large families. With features such as a comfortable queen sized bed, extra large bunk beds and a stylish, functional kitchen with plenty of storage. It also boasts beautiful design features such as contrasting wood plank flooring and beautifully glazed hardwood cabinets.

As you can see here at Bucars we have a travel trailer that will work for you no matter what vehicle you are using to tow or how large your family is. Let our RV experts help you find the travel trailer that is right for you. For more information on our travel trailer models or if you have any questions please call us at 1-800-267-8348.


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