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Take a Greener RV Trip This Summer


Fun Fact! RV Vacations are actually more environmentally friendly than a fly/drive/ or hotel vacation, however this does not mean that you are not leaving a mark on the environment with your RV. There are always ways to improve your ecological footprint and ensure you are being mindful of the beautiful landscape around you.

Here are a few tips on how to make your RV road trip a green one this summer:

Conserve gas:

  • Slow down and use cruise control
  • Check your tire pressure so that the engine is not over compensating
  • It is fun to adventure far from home, but camping in places close by will save your fuel bill and allow you to go on more frequent trips instead of just one


  • Don’t throw your apple cores or wrappers out the window while driving (Don’t lie, we are all guilty of this!): collect your garbage in a bag and wait for the nearest highway rest area to dispose of your waste- a lot of these stops are now getting sectioned recycling bins to aid your convenience
  • Make sure to check and abide by the local recycling regulations
  • If the campground does not have a recycling option, collect your recycling and bring it home with you to ensure it is dealt with properly

Fire Pit Considerations:

  • If it’s not wood, don’t throw it in the fire
  • Avoid throwing in plastics, things with a printing ink or flammable toxins as they send off harmful toxins into the air- harmful for you and the air around you
  • Check the local fire regulations before making a fire, as they may change depending on your location and the time of year.


  • Avoid bringing disposable dishware, such as cups, utensils, and dishes etc.
  • Instead invest in plastic or stainless steel dishware that can be cleaned and reused after every meal. This may be more work, but will significantly decrease the amount of waste your campsite is producing

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Bring a basin or bucket with a dish cloth and dish towel, rather than wasting numerous paper towels
  • Try and use biodegradable soaps and cleaning products with no harsh chemicals- again better for you and the environment
  • Mixing baking soda and white vinegar together is a simple way to make your own toilet cleaner- also try adding lemon juice, the citric acid acts as a disinfectant and makes your bathroom smell fresh
  • 7th Generation, Method and Greenworks are all good suppliers of biodegradable, chemical free chemical products. RV Boss, which Bucars sells, is another option.

Solar Panels:

  • Solar Panels are great for charging your batteries in your RV and for camping accessories, such as lanterns, chargers and appliances
  • LED lights are also preferable, as they use less juice as traditional lights and will last longer

Water conservation:

  • Take “Navy Showers”: when not rinsing, turn shower off- do the same when brushing teeth or washing your face at night
  • Shower outdoors whenever possible or take a sponge bath
  • Wash dishes/ do laundry in a tub and dump excess clean water into the bushes

Avoid using any Chemicals:

  • Many things now a days come in spray aerosol cans out of convenience, such as sunscreen and bug spray, but they tend to give off harsh chemicals
  • Use natural Citronella Candles around your campsite to keep the bugs away
  • Mixing distilled water and witch hazel together creates a homemade bug spray to take out with you into the great outdoors
  • There are also many environmentally friendly bug sprays & sun screens out there that are better for you and will not harm the beautiful outdoor space you are occupying- many of these can be found in your local grocer or drug store

Use Nature as an advantage:

  • When it is hot out, use natural shade, awnings and tarps instead of blasting the AC all day long
  • When it is colder out, position your RV where it is protected by harsh winds and warmed as much as possible by the sun
  • Bring extra blankets, pack layers and clothes and check the local forecast before you leave so you have an idea what you will be driving into
  • “Leave footprints and take pictures:” don’t ruin the wildlife when exploring and abide by the local environmental guidelines of the area you are in

Do your research before hand– this will allow you to preparae for different locations, temperatures and rules and regulations that may affect you and will help you to make less of an impact on the environment this summer! Happy RVing!


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