Bucars Blog — May 5 2013

Seven fantastic food and wine festivals to visit while on the road

Seeing the sights, hearing the sounds and kicking back is exactly why we all love to RV. But what about taste? Ah yes, our most powerful of the five senses has spawned TV shows, built corporate empires and continues to keep the Canadian RVer tantalized. Here, we’ve partnered with local Calgary food writer, Dan Clapson to list the best nearby food and wine festivals perfect for whetting your culinary appetite while RVing this year.

Bon Appetit’s Vegas Uncork’d (Las Vegas, NV, May 9-12, 2013) – One of North America’s premier food magazine’s holds their 2nd annual Las Vegas event. Take a break from gambling and Cirque de Soleil to enjoy some premier cuisine and watch culinary presentations from some of Food Network’s biggest stars. Link.

Eat! Vancouver (Vancouver, BC, May 24-26, 2013) – B.C. Stadium plays host to the province’s largest food and wine event of the year. Try tasty dishes from over one hundred different vendors or catch one of the many live cooking demos by high-profile Canadian chefs. Link.

Food and Wine Classic (Aspen, CO, June 14-16, 2013) – Arguably America’s most refined culinary festival, Food and Wine magazine’s weekend in Aspen is full to the brim with amazing flavours, top notch wines and celebrity chefs galore. The price tag attached to this one is not cheap, but worth every penny if you are truly a foodie at heart. Link.

Taste of The Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK, July 16-21, 2013) – On the banks of the Saskatchewan river in the heart of Saskatoon, this little food festival has a lot of heart. Sample cuisine from many of the city’s top restaurants while sitting on the riverbank and enjoying some live music. Summer doesn’t get much better than this. Link.

Bite of Seattle (Seattle, WA, July 19-21, 2013) – Skip Pike Place Market and head straight to the Space Needle to find a lush, green park filled with the smell of food, wine, cold beer and an array of live performances ranging from jazz, to classic rock to stand-up comedy. Link.

Bite of Oregon (Portland, OR, Aug 9-11, 2013) – Taking place in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, in central Portland, this weekend highlights craft beer, wine and great eateries from all across the state. From food carts, to food trucks, to fine dining. There is something for everyone’s appetite here. Link.

Taste of Calgary (Calgary, AB, Aug 15-18, 2013) – What sets this event apart from other food-related festivals in the city is their accent on ethnic cuisine. In addition to many popular local establishments offering up delicious fare, try some exotic flavours from an excellent cross-section of some of Calgary’s most intriguing international restaurants. Link.

-Dan Clapson is a nationally published, Calgary-based food writer. He loves to eat, travel AND eat again! www.dansgoodside.com. Photo – Bite Seattle.


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