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RV Road Trips & Destinations for Foodies

Don’t just explore the sights and scenery on your next RV road trip, take in the local flavours as well! These road trip suggestions and destinations will have you sampling each region’s finest food offerings as you travel.

British Columbia – Fraser Valley Farm Circle Tour

Explore the countryside outside of Vancouver with a Fraser Valley Farm Circle Tour. These self-guided tours will take you to berry farms, fresh produce at country markets, dairy farms, artisan cheese makers and more.

Where to Stay: There are plenty of campgrounds within the Fraser Valley to choose from, or set up camp at nearby Golden Ears Provincial Park or Cultus Lake Provincial Park and day trip in.

Saskatoon, SK – Emerging Local Food Scene

Explore what is being called the “new foodie capital” of Canada with a trip to Saskatoon. Young, talented chefs are making their mark on the Canadian food scene, reinventing prairie food. Check out some of these recommended places to eat and drink around Saskatoon.

Where to Stay: Find a guide to Saskatoon’s campgrounds here.

Quebec – Charlevoix Flavour Trail

An hour’s drive northeast of Quebec City, the Charlevoix region is a designated World Biosphere Reserve. There you’ll find the Charlevoix Flavour Trail, a tour of carefully crafted  ciders, traditionally made beers, cheeses, chocolates, organic meat, and more.

Where to Stay: Enjoy camping in the Charlevoix region at one of these campgrounds.

Ontario – Oxford County Cheese Trail

A cheese lover’s paradise is only a 90 minute drive from Toronto! Journey through Oxford County following the Cheese Trail, a curated list of 24 stops featuring cheese and dairy-related offerings, from cheese makers and restaurants to museums and artisans.

Where to Stay: Relax after your day of cheese tasting at one of the County’s conservation areas.

Nova Scotia – See & Do Lobster Trail

Lobster doesn’t get fresher than straight off the boat! Sample it in every delicious way with this trip itinerary, that will take you from hauling traps on lobster boats to beachside lobster boils as you journey across Nova Scotia.

Where to Stay: There’s no shortage of beachside campgrounds to enjoy along the way!

Highway hotspots on a Cross-Canada Road Trip

If you’re heading across Canada this summer, you’ll find fantastic food along the way. Check out The Food Network’s list of great restaurants along the highway to stop at.

What flavours will you come across on your next RV road trip?

This article was originally published by RV Care.


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