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The Advantages of Ultra Light Travel Trailers

Ultra lightweight travel trailers have distinct advantages that regular sized RV’s cannot offer. Many families who are interested in purchasing their first RV can be put off by the price or the need for a new vehicle to tow their RV. With ultra light travel trailers these are problems that you won’t have to worry about. We will walk you through the advantages of an ultra light travel trailer and why one may be right for your family. If you have any question or need additional information on ultra lightweight RV’s the RV experts at Bucars RV dealership can help you.

Easy to Tow

Ultra lightweight travel trailers also known as ultra-lites are, well ultra lightweight. This means you don’t need a large truck with a large towing capacity to haul an ultra-lite trailer, instead you could use your existing SUV or minivan to tow your ultra-lite, even some ultra-lites can be towed by a sedan. It is not just the weight that makes an ultra-lite easy to tow, aerodynamic features like a specially designed front cap which allows the RV to cut through the wind easier and an enclosed underbelly so wind is less likely to get caught up in the underside while moving at high speeds makes them much easier to tow. If you are not experienced at towing larger RV’s or if you are considering buying your first travel trailer, the ease of towing an ultra-lite will make it easy.

Fuel Efficiency

Ultra-lite travel trailers focus on low tow weights and aerodynamic features which will end up saving you money while on the road. Since ultra-lites are so easy to tow you won’t need to spend money on additional gas to get to your next destination, and because they are so efficient you can have some peace of mind that your making less of an impact on the environment. If fuel efficiency is at the top of your list when buying a new travel trailer than an ultra-lite is right for you.

Spacious and Feature Rich

Just because a travel trailer is ultra lightweight doesn’t mean that it is small and lacks amenities. At Bucars RV dealership we carry ultra-lites that can sleep over six people, have multiple slide outs and numerous living areas. Just because your travel trailer is an ultra-lite doesn’t mean you will be sacrificing on room and comfort. Some ultra-lite models can come with features such as dinettes, refrigerators, stove tops, queen size beds and many other comforts that make them feel like home. If you think you will be sacrificing space and comfort when buying an ultra light travel trailer that is not the case.

General Convenience

Ultra lightweight travel trailers are generally smaller in size making them much more convenient than larger RV’s. Ultra-lites take up less space so they are much easier to store on your own whether it be in your backyard or garage, this can save you a substantial amount in storage fees. Also because of their light weight they are much easier to hitch to your vehicle and maneuver when setting up at the campsite. You don’t need the knowledge and towing skill of an experienced RVer to get an ultra-lite into a parking spot or tight camping area, as they are much easier to tow than any other RV type.


If you are looking to take your first steps into RVing or looking to buy your first travel trailer then price will be very important to you. Since ultra light travel trailers are smaller and cheaper to manufacture that results in savings for you. In fact ultra-lites are some of the most affordable RV’s you can purchase. If you have a limited budget when purchasing your next RV then an ultra lightweight travel trailer may be right for you.

As you can see there are many great reasons for purchasing an ultra light travel trailer. However it always helps to see some options in person to get a true appreciation of what an ultra-lite can offer. At Bucars RV dealership just north of Calgary we carry a wide range of ultra-lite travel trailers with varying floor plans and features. Our RV experts are ready to show you some of our most popular ultra lightweight travel trailers and provide you with any additional information you may need. If you have any questions regarding ultra-lites or some of the RV’s here at Bucars please call us at (403) 207-1666.


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