Bucars Blog — March 28 2019

5 RV Security Tips

It’s your home away from home, and while camping is generally safe and fun, you still want to take steps to secure your RV and gear, just like you would at home. Here are 5 security tips to consider at the campsite and on the road.

  1.     Purchase a Coupler Lock

A Coupler Lock is a specialized lock that attaches to your trailer’s hitch, preventing thieves from hitching your trailer to their truck and towing it away. Affordable and easy to use, it will keep your trailer secure when it’s not hooked up to your tow vehicle, like when you’re off on a day trip from your campsite or when your RV is in storage.

  1.     Consider Lighting

Don’t give potential thieves the cover of darkness. A simple string of awning lights can be effective, or you could invest in a motion sensor light to deter unwelcome guests from wandering through your campsite. If you’re on the move and boondocking along the way, choose well-lit areas when parking overnight at a truck stop or parking lot.

  1.     Know your Neighbours

We love how welcoming and friendly the RVing community is. This is a great asset to RVing safety, as getting to know the people around you and looking out for them means they are very likely to return the favour.  

  1.     Do your Research

If you’re camping somewhere for the first time, check out the reviews to get an idea of any potential issues and get a feel for the area. Remote camping and city camping each have their own advantages and disadvantages relating to safety.

  1.     Remove Temptations  

It’s always good practice to stow away expensive or desirable gear in the evening, or if you head out for the day, removing any temptation for would-be thieves. It’s also a good idea to keep your RV’s shades closed when you are away.

Stop by our parts and accessories department to find everything you need for a fun and safe RV adventure! Our staff will be happy to share their advice and help you find the right products for you.



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