Bucars Blog — April 18 2014

Getting Your RV Ready for Spring

The first signs of spring have started to appear in Calgary, and while it does not mean that the snow is gone yet, you can start getting your RV ready for summer travel. Depending on where you store your RV for the winter, it may have experienced cold temperatures, rain, snow, and sitting idle for months, and requires an examination and minor repairs. Get a head start and prevent unwanted issues while you’re on the road with this handy checklist for bringing your RV out of storage.

Look it Over

Start with a visual inspection of the body of your RV, walking around to check for damage or wear and tear. Open vent covers, check the air conditioner cover, check roof vents and open the windows to allow air to circulate and freshen the interior.

Ensure the tires are properly inflated and in good repair, and if you have a trailer consider removing the wheels to thoroughly check for corrosion or broken parts. Bearings should be repacked every few years; over the winter months bearings grease can degrade and it’s important to maintain proper function and avoid damage. Check for animals and bugs in vents and exhausts and make sure that the water heater drain is closed and ensure the plug is in place and tight.

Check the roof and sealants for cracks, repair as necessary. Look for any damage on the underbelly. Examine the towing hitch system for parts in disrepair or cracks and tighten bolts.

If your model has slide rooms, test their function and bulb and wiper seals. Lubricate rams and gears underneath if necessary.

Charge it Up

Check the condition of the batteries and charge them if necessary, making sure battery terminals are cleaned and lubricated (check out our video on RV battery maintenance). Ensure that the power in the RV is operational, on battery power as well as outlet power, and test running lights, turn signals and brake lights.

Inside the living cabin, look for burnt out bulbs or fixtures in need of repair. While you’re at it, test the battery levels on clocks, smoke detectors, and make sure the fire extinguisher is fully charged.

Check the Lines

An annual LP-gas system inspection should be scheduled to maintain the system, check for leaks, and confirm fittings are tight. Bucars is happy to service your RV at our RV Service centre in Balzac, Alberta.

It’s wise to flush out the freshwater system after draining any antifreeze from the water lines, holding tank, and water heater.

Check fluid levels, including oil, power steering, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission, brake, and the house batteries. If your RV has leveling jacks, test their operation and inspect hydraulics for fluid leaks, proper lubrication, and appropriate fluid levels.

These are the most common maintenance requirements for most RV models, follow these guidelines and you should be ready to roll to your next adventure when the snow melts. Keep in mind that this is not a complete list for every RV, consider consulting with your service technician for tips on what other items should be evaluated before taking your RV out of storage.

Spring RV Checklist Summary:

Visual & Mechanics Inspection:

☐ RV Body (any damage or wear)
☐ Tires (proper inflation, tread, rim corrosion)
☐ Bearings (greasing, wear and tear)
☐ Vents (check for obstructions, wear)
☐ Roof (check for cracks, wear and tear, anything that might leak)
☐ Seals (cracks, wear)
☐ Underbelly (damage)
☐ Towing hitch system (parts, cracks, tighten bolts, cables)
☐ Slides (if applicable) (test function, seals, lubrication, gears)
☐ Gas Lines (leaks, fittings)
☐ Water System (check pipes, leaks, sanitize)
☐ Leveling Jacks (check operation)
☐ Fluids (if applicable) (oil power steering, coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission, brakes)

Getting Your RV Ready:

☐ Air Out (open vents and windows)
☐ Batteries (condition, corrosion, charge)
☐ Interior & Exterior Power (outlets, lights, bulbs, turn signals, brake lights)
☐ Clocks, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors (operational)
☐ Fire Extinguisher (operational, full, expiry date)


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