Bucars Blog — November 6 2014

8 Quick RV Winterizing Tips

Did they say “frost” in the forecast?! If you haven’t winterized your RV and didn’t get a chance to attend our Bucars U Winterizing seminar, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are 8 tips to make sure your rig is ready to go next spring.

1. Unpack

Grab the stuff you might need during the winter. Maybe you thought about changing your sheets or dishes or your amazing travel-mug collection? Now’s a good time to do that.

2. Empty fridge

Unless you want to explain to your children the scientific effects of storing cheese, sauces and that half empty bottle of Fanta for six months, we highly recommend emptying your RV refrigerator and placing an opened box of baking soda on the second shelf.

3. Winterize your water system

If you missed our free Winterizing seminar this past September, here’s a step-by-step guide to get ‘er done. Put your superhero shirt on when you’re finished this step. We’re proud of you.

4. Remove your battery

People forget this so we’re reminding you to remove your battery, clean it up (like we show you in this video), and store it in a heated garage or basement on a shelf. Don’t put a charger on it until a few days before you intend to pick it up.

5. Use a de-humidifier

Your RV will love you for installing a de-humidifier, which rids it of dampness and excess moisture that can cause mold, mildew and musty smells. Need we say more? Options we carry are Dri-z-air and DampRid.

6. Store it and block it

You might already have a driveway, storage lot or a good friend willing to part ways with a section of their acreage, which is great. Block your tires and use your jacks to take the weight off.

7. Cover it

Think of the exterior of your RV like you would sensitive skin. Winter and the elements can do some damage, causing cracking, wear and tear. We recommend covering your rig with an ADCO RV Cover (the lotion!), which we carry, or at the very least a large, well tied-down tarp.

8. Relax

Go home and relax. Grab a favourite beverage. Make your favourite meal. You’re now ready for winter and don’t have to worry about your baby – your coach that is – for the next six months. Enjoy.

For more information on these tips or to talk with someone give the RV dealership a call at 403-207-1666.

Have more tips? Leave them in the comments.


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