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RVs for the Weekend Warrior

After a long week of work, nothing feels better than packing up and hitting the open road for a weekend full of adventures. To help the weekend warriors out there figure out which RV’s will best suit their needs, we’ve rounded up some of the best models we offer here at Bucars RV to help you get the most out of your weekend adventures.

These RVs are easy to pack, convenient to transport, have all the amenities you need and are great for dry camping when you’re looking to get off the grid. These RVs are all about making camping easier for you so you can quickly pack up and get away for the weekend.

Weekend Travel Trailers at Bucars RV

The smaller travel trailers at Bucars RV are an excellent option for weekend warriors and younger families looking to do some weekend camping without the hassle. These smaller RVs can easily be towed by a larger sedan or SUV so your family won’t have to buy a larger vehicle to enjoy some weekend camping.

2019 Venture RV Sonic Lite, SL169VRD

Venture RV Sonic Calgary

The 2019 Venture RV Sonic Lite travel trailer has all of the features you would expect in a larger RV just in a smaller package. This lite travel trailer has enough space to comfortably sleep a family of 4 and can be towed with smaller vehicles as well.

This weekend warrior RV features LED lighting throughout the RV, a power awning with external speakers, a queen-sized bed, tinted safety glass windows, a two burner cooktop stove and convection microwave to cook your meals, easy to clean designer carefree linoleum flooring, a low profile 13,500 BTU A/C unit, ample storage, and a hot and cold outdoor shower.

Good things do come in small packages. If you’re looking for a smaller weekend travel trailer to pull with your current vehicle for your camping adventures, this is the ultimate weekend warrior RV for you.

2019 K-Z, Inc. Sportsmen LE, 231BHKLE

2019 KZ Sportsmen LE

If you’re a weekend warrior with a larger family or you’re looking to bring more of your friends out camping with you, the 2019 K-Z, Inc. Sportsmen LE is the perfect weekend warrior RV for you.

The new K-Z, Inc. Sportsmen LE has a queen bed and double over double bunks. This weekend travel trailer can sleep up to 7 people comfortably if you’re travelling with a larger group. Its slick outdoor kitchen features a mini fridge, sink and two burner cooktop stove so you can easily cook your food outside. The smart arm power awning with motion security, a wind sensor, and an LED light strip will give you peace of mind when putting out your awning at the beginning of the weekend.

Additional features like outdoor speakers, a flip-down storage rack, climate control, a double door refrigerator, a three burner stove inside, double basin sink and an amazing entertainment centre featuring a multimedia stereo, DVD player, Bluetooth, and wireless connectivity make it easy for you to kick back and relax after a long day of adventures.

The list of amenities for this RV goes on and on. If you’re looking to do some weekend travelling with a bigger group, this is the weekend travel trailer for you!

The Best Weekend Fifth Wheels at Bucars RV

For the weekend warriors that are in need of a bit more space, the fifth wheel trailers at Bucars RV are a great option. These fifth wheel trailers provide an ample amount of space for larger groups, those that are travelling with more gear, or even those that are going camping for a longer trip. We offer the best fifth wheel trailers available on the market, and our RV experts will help weekend warriors find the perfect fifth wheel to suit their needs.

2019 Forest River Wildcat Maxx, WCF285RKX

2019 Forest River Wildcat Maxx Calgary

For the weekend warriors that are looking for a smaller fifth wheel trailer for their weekend endeavours, the 2019 Forest River Wildcat Maxx is a great weekend RV.

This RV features a Climatech cold weather all seasons insulation package for those looking to head out and camp at any point of the year, a power awning with LED lighting, solid surface countertops, wood plank flooring, double door raised refrigerator, two widebody recliners so you can kick back and relax, a fantastic entertainment centre with a TV and fireplace, dual pane windows, a queen-sized bed, and ample storage.

For smaller families and groups that want a versatile RV for all season camping in Alberta, this is the weekend fifth wheel trailer for you. The smaller size makes it easier to maneuver than some of the larger fifth wheels out there so you can camp wherever your heart desires.

2019 Forest River Sabre, 36BHQ

2020 Forest River Sabre Calgary

For the weekend warriors that need the ultimate home away from for their weekend adventures, the 2019 Forest River Sabre, 36BHQ is the ultimate weekend fifth wheel trailer.

This unique RV features a rear living room floor plan, a separate enclosed bunkhouse with a tri-fold sofa, a king-sized bed in the master suite, and ample storage. This unit can sleep up to 8 people for larger families and those that want to enjoy the company of their friends during their weekend adventures.

Inside, you’ll find a great multimedia system, Cinemax seating with cup holders, heat, massage, and backlighting, a residential sized LED TV, and fireplace. The kitchen has a big 4-drawer french style refrigerator, solid surface countertops, stove, and large panoramic windows so you can enjoy the view.

Home is where you park it with this weekend fifth wheel. If you’re looking for the ultimate home on wheels, come talk to the RV experts at Bucars and check out one of these RVs.

Weekend Motorhomes from Bucars RV

Our Class B and C motorhomes at Bucars RV are the ultimate RV’s for weekend warriors. These RVs make it easy to pack up and hit the road for a weekend of creating memories that will last a lifetime. They’re smaller, yet spacious, easy to maneuver and make it convenient for you and those close to you to get away for a weekend.

2019 Coachmen Crossfit, 22D-EB

2019 Coachmen Crossfit Calgary

The 2019 Coachmen Crossfit is a Ford Transit van that has been converted into a Motorhome. Given that it’s a smaller RV, it makes it very easy for RVers to maneuver and drive down the road. It’s a lot like the work vans and commercial vehicles that many of our customers at Bucars RV drive every day.

This compact but luxurious weekend motorhome features a carefree armless awning with a wind sensor, window covers for privacy, a solar package, swivel passenger seat, summit bike rack, induction cooktop, upgraded insulation, a raised double door refrigerator and freezer, a full size bed, a compact washroom, and all of the amenities you could want in a small weekend motorhome for your next adventure.

These smaller motorhomes are a great way for couples and small groups of friends to hit the road for a weekend of adventures they will never forget.

2019 Coachmen Prism, 2300DS

2019 Coachmen Prism Calgary

For the weekend warriors with a family or travelling with some friends, one of our Class C Motorhomes on a van body like the 2019 Coachmen Prism is a great option for those looking to purchase a weekend motorhome.

Although these Class C Motorhomes are slightly bigger than a Class B Motorhome, they are packed full of amenities to make a weekend of travelling a breeze. With room to sleep up to 5, ample storage and space, this RV is ready to make your next weekend camping trip the best one yet.

It features a power awning with a vinyl weather guard, flip-up kitchen countertop expansion, a full sized wardrobe, upgraded foldable mattress, convection microwave, a three burner cooktop with an oven, raised double refrigerator, upgraded pilot seats, and a 3.2 KW Onan diesel generator, this RV is ready for a weekend of adventures wherever the road may take you.

This is the perfect RV to load up your family and friends and hit the road with ease. The smaller motorhome chassis on a Mercedes diesel sprinter platform is powerful, easy to drive, and has excellent longevity. This smaller motorhome will be a great way to adventure and explore the country for years to come.

Bucars RV has the best RVs for Weekend Warriors

These are some of the best weekend warrior RVs that Bucars has to offer. If you’re unsure of what kind of RV would be best for your next camping adventure, come talk to the RV experts at Bucars RV. They can help you figure out what RV will be perfect for your family. To reach one of our expert RV specialists, please call us at 403-207-1666 or visit our dealership location just north of Calgary.


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