RV Surge protector Installation, Repair & Replacement

We can guarantee that any RVer who has experienced a power surge in their RV and did not have a surge protector on their RV would tell you they wish they had one. Really all RVs should have the protection of a surge protector. All it takes is one voltage spike on an unprotected RV to cause thousands of dollars of damage to the RV’s appliances and electrical systems. Investing in the installation of a surge protector or making sure your current surge protector is in working order is a good financial investment.

The RV service technicians at the Bucars service department in Calgary are experts at installing, repairing or replacing RV surge protectors. They will ensure that your RV is protected from electrical spikes, saving you from potentially thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. Come and see our experienced RV service technicians to make sure you RV is protected.

For more information on our RV surge protector installation, repair and replacement services please call our Calgary RV service department at 403-207-1666.


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