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Should I Get Paint and Fabric Protection for My RV?

When purchasing a new RV, both new and seasoned RV owners often wonder what they can do to protect their investment. Spending time getting the exterior of your RV repaired or stains removed from the inside is never fun! We would all rather spend the money it takes to have an RV repaired out camping and actually enjoying our RVs. Because of this, many new RV owners ask themselves, “should I get paint and fabric protection for my RV?” If you want to keep your RV looking amazing inside and out for years to come without having to worry about it, the answer is yes!

Preserve and Protect Your RV from Weather in Alberta

As we all know, the weather and roads in Alberta can be hard on the exterior of your RV. Things like UV rays from the sun can fade the paint and cause other surface damage to the outside of your RV. If you don’t want to worry about trying to park your RV in the shade everywhere you go, it is worth looking into the Diamond Kote paint protection for your RV that we offer here at Bucars RV. If you want to protect your investment and have your RV continue to look amazing for years to come, you need to check out the incredible RV protective coatings from Diamond Kote.

Diamond Kote provides nano-crystal level RV paint protection. It’s a commercial-grade paint sealer made from a water-based solution containing silicon materials that is applied to the exterior of your RV. This incredible coating has properties that will protect the shine of your RV from the harmful UV rays of the sun, poor weather, acid rain, dirt, water, tree sap, road tar, and even bird droppings! You’ll never have to fret about parking your RV under that tree for shade only to find that sticky things have fallen on it again. Your RV’s paint will be fully protected and easy to clean!

How Does Diamond Kote RV Paint Protection Work?

Many folks that hear about Diamond Kote RV paint protection wonder how it works. Diamond Kote is a transparent cross-linked polymer and has incredible protective properties. It has durable polymer additives and UV filters that effectively protect your RV from the adverse elements that it will face in Alberta.

The paint protection from Diamond Kote protective RV coatings happens on a nano-molecular level. The nano-crystal technology effectively takes the porous painted surface of your RV and increases its density by billions of particles to make it less susceptible to damage. To give you some context, think of a loosely grouped handful of large marbles. Although they are somewhat together, there are still spaces in between them. Those spaces in between the marbles is where UV rays, dirt, and other things can impact the surface of your RV. By getting Diamond Kote protective coatings installed on your RV, you’re essentially closing the gap by filling it with a coating and preventing anything from getting through. Incredible right?

By blocking out external elements that could otherwise dull the shine of your RV, Diamond Kote can keep it looking great for longer and make it a breeze to clean in the car wash. This incredible product also has a great warranty. Diamond Kote’s exterior coatings are guaranteed to protect your RV and keep it looking like new for 10 years. With the plans they have available, if your RV fades and needs repair, you are covered by Diamond Kote! How’s that for peace of mind and protecting your investment?

Do I Need an Extra Layer of RV Paint Protection?

Many of our customers think that simply applying a typical automotive wax or paint sealer will accomplish the same effect as Diamond Kote protection. Although these products play a critical role in protecting your RV’s exterior from the elements, UV rays, and corrosion, they do lack some of the protective properties of Diamond Kote.

Automotive-grade waxes and sealants are like a sacrificial barrier for your RV’s paint. They seal off the paint and protect it from rain, dirt, water, the sun, and elements. They also increase the density of your RV’s paint to ensure that water beads off the surface and prevent water and other elements from reaching the clearcoat of your paint. The problem with waxes and sealants is that they only protect your RV for a limited amount of time before they need to be reapplied. This means you could be applying these products multiple times in a season!

The great thing about Diamond Kote is that it makes the surface of your RV even denser than waxes or sealants and has significantly better longevity. One application will last you for over 10 years! If you want the shine of waxes and sealants without the hassle of constantly applying them, Diamond Kote is the way to go. The time you save not having to continually apply waxes and lesser grade paint sealers to your RV means more time can be spent camping and looking back at your beautiful RV that has been protected with a Diamond Kote protective paint sealer.

Should You Get Diamond Kote RV Fabric Protection and How Does it Work?

Let’s face it, when you go camping, accidents and spills can happen. If you accidentally slip or bump into something while holding a drink, wouldn’t it be nice to know you aren’t going to stain the upholstery of your RV with that spill? If you have kids, entertain guests, or do a lot of cooking in your RV, you need to get Diamond Kote RV fabric protection to protect the fabrics in your RV. It’ll give you more peace of mind when camping, you won’t have to worry about shampooing carpets or upholstery!

Diamond Kote’s RV fabric protection works in a very similar way to it’s paint protection. This protective RV coating is a commercial-grade carpet and fabric protection coating that prevents stains. The coating has been formulated with nano-hybrid chemistry that deeply penetrates the various fabrics in your RV and completely covers every fibre of the fabric with a protective coating.

By doing this, whatever is spilled on the fabric will be delayed and inhibited from actually penetrating the fibres in the fabric and making a stain. Think of it as a way of slowing down the laws of physics or turning a wool sweater into a water-resistant jacket when something is spilled. It gives you a chance to simply wipe up whatever has been spilled without ruining the fabric and upholstery in your RV.

The real beauty of this incredible coating is that it actually maintains the look and feel of the fabrics inside your RV while providing its protective properties. The fabrics will not darken or lighten from the coatings and everything will retain the look and texture of when your RV was new.

The great thing about this product is that it still allows the materials to breathe. For leather and vinyl surfaces, this is critical for the longevity of the material itself. You can be sure that when applying the Diamond Kote fabric protective coatings to your RV that you’re applying something that is safe for your fabrics and will keep them looking great for years to come. You’ll be able to camp happily knowing that you don’t need to worry as much about your fabrics and be able to fully enjoy your RV!

Paint and Fabric Protection at Bucars RV Dealership

Well, there you have it! If you have been wondering if paint and fabric protection at Bucars RV Dealership is something you should get, the answer is yes. The Diamond Kote protective coatings we offer at Bucars RV Dealership will keep your RV looking incredible for up to ten years.

At Bucars, we strongly believe that purchasing the right RV should be a one-time thing. We want to help you find the perfect RV to fit the needs of you and your family. Because of this, we also believe that you should be able to protect your investment. We strongly believe that Diamond Kote protective products are one of the best RV protective coatings on the market and will significantly extend the lifespan of your RV.

If you’re interested in having Diamond Kote protective coatings applied to your RV, contact the RV experts at Bucars RV dealership today. After a consultation, we will determine the best way to protect your RV with a Diamond Kote protective RV coating.


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