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Used Fifth Wheel Trailers for sale in Calgary

If you’re looking for an incredible used fifth wheel trailer in Alberta, look no further than Bucars RV Dealership just north of Calgary! Bucars offers a wide selection of used fifth wheel trailers. We know that the needs of RVers vary, based on the type of camping you plan to do and your lifestyle. This is why we offer a wide variety of fifth wheel trailers to better suit your needs.

At Bucars RV Dealer in Calgary, we can accommodate all different types of campers. From those that are starting out and looking to get into their first used fifth wheel trailer to the more serious campers and full-time RVers looking for a larger 5th wheel for longer trips. Bucars will have the RV on our lot that is a perfect fit for the needs of you, your family, and your budget.

The main difference between a fifth wheel trailer and a travel trailer is the way they are pulled by a tow vehicle. Fifth wheel trailers use a unique “fifth wheel hitch” that mounts to the truck bed on top of the rear axle of a pickup truck. Although a special type of hitch must be installed and a pickup truck is needed to pull this type of RV, there are a number of benefits.

Firstly, thanks to the weight distribution over the rear axle of the tow vehicle and the sturdy hitch design, it virtually eliminates sway when being towed down the highway, compared to a traditional travel trailer. Secondly, thanks to their bi-level design on the inside, they actually offer the most living space out of the towable trailers on our lot as well.

Have you been considering purchasing a fifth wheel trailer in Calgary but are unsure if it is for you? If so, Bucars has experienced RV specialists whi can show you fifth wheels that are perfect for the needs of you, your family, and the type of camping that you are looking to do. The right fifth wheel trailer can completely transform the camping experience for a Calgary camping family. If you’re not convinced, pay a visit to our amazing RV dealership just north of Calgary. We’ll show you our incredible selection and how Bucars delivers a refreshingly different RV dealer experience.

Our Fantastic Calgary Fifth Wheel Brands

At Bucars RV dealership just north of Calgary, we are proud to offer fifth wheels from some of the best manufacturers in the RV industry with some of the best value in Alberta to go along with them. If you’re looking for a great deal on a new fifth wheel trailer, look no further!

Used Fifth Wheels at Bucars RV

In our used RV inventory, we have an incredible variety of RVs. As you can imagine, many RVers flock to our dealership from all over Alberta to receive the best value possible on a new RV. We have used RVs in our inventory from manufacturers and brands such as Keystone, Dutchmen, Thor, Jayco, Fleetwood, Winnebago, Grand Design, Keystone RV, Cougar, Palomino, Rockwood, Puma, Heartland, Prowler, Outback, and many more!

There’s a Wide Selection of Fifth Wheel Trailers at Bucars RV

Because no single type of fifth wheel trailer is good for every family, we have a wide selection of different fifth wheels to suit your unique RVing needs. We have amazing fifth wheels and toy haulers from our incredible brands and manufacturers at our Calgary RV dealership. You need to see our massive 14,000 square foot showroom that showcases some of the best used inventory that we carry and our 12-acre lot full of the best RVs that you will see in the province to believe it!

Fifth Wheel Floor Plans and Features Available at Bucars RV

We offer a number of different model variations and floor plans to help you find the perfect fifth wheel. We have front living areas, rear living areas, front kitchens, rear kitchens, models with master suites, and everything in between. From light-weight fifth wheels to pull with a half-ton pickup truck to the large luxurious models for a dually, we have fifth wheel you have been dreaming of. When you come to Bucars RV, you will have no problem finding an RV to suit the needs of you and your family.

Many of our great fifth wheel trailers have innovative and interesting features like spacious dinettes, large awnings, a variety of slide-outs, rear-living plans, double bunks, bunkhouses, fantastic home-style kitchens, outdoor kitchens, ample storage, living areas, master suites, and many other great features. These RVs for sale in Calgary have everything you and your family will need to make camping memories that will last a lifetime. You have to see these RVs to believe how great they are!

Why Own an RV in Calgary?

Many people looking to buy their first fifth wheel ask us: what is the advantage of owning an RV in Calgary? There are many advantages to owning an RV, starting with the affordability it offers when travelling. It is much more cost-efficient to take your next vacation in an RV than staying in hotel rooms, renting an AirBnB, paying for flights, or eating in restaurants. Booking a campsite and buying groceries saves a significant amount of money over other accommodations and eating out

Another great advantage to travelling in your RV is that you are free to create your own adventures. When travelling in a fifth wheel, you are not bound to itineraries or travel schedules and you can just let the open road inspire you. Once you are done towing your RV to your destination, you can unhook it and you’re free to go anywhere in your tow vehicle. You are completely free to do anything you want, go wherever you want, whenever you want to in an RV!

Finally, one of the most important advantages of owning an RV is that it allows you to get closer to nature. Nearly everywhere you will travel with your RV, whether it is a campground, recreation area, or somewhere off the grid, you will be surrounded by nature. It’s a great feeling when you disconnect from your everyday life and become more connected to the great outdoors. It is one of the greatest ways to relax, recharge, and enjoy your trip.

If this sounds like your kind of vacation, then it is time you visited us at Bucars in Calgary to get started with your RV lifestyle. We have everything you need—from our incredible RVs to our awesome RV parts and accessories—to get you started on your next camping trip.

Pay a Visit To Bucars RV Dealership Just North of Calgary

We’ve been proudly serving Albertans for decades. Even though our RV dealership is located just north of Calgary, we have customers that come to visit us regularly from Airdrie, Red Deer, Leduc, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and beyond! If you’ve been looking to upgrade your current trailer and make your RVing dreams a reality, pay a visit to Bucars.

Our world-class RV experts are here to provide all of the advice that you need. The members of the sales team at Bucars RV dealership are RV enthusiasts, just like our customers. They wouldn’t sell you an RV unless it was one that they would use with their family as well. They understand the importance of having an amazing RV that has all of the features you need to make the best camping experience possible.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to become a full-time RVer or you are just looking to take your family out camping a few times per year; our RV experts are ready to help you match your RV needs to the right fifth wheel. We can help you find a larger fifth wheel trailer like the 42 foot Forest River Sabre for full-time RVers, a smaller fifth wheel for you to pull with your half-ton, or even a fantastic used fifth wheel if you are just starting out with RV camping.

What are you waiting for? Your next camping adventure with your family is waiting for you. Pay a visit to Bucars RV dealership today and bring home the RV of your dreams. You’ll be glad you did when you hit the open road towards making RVing memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

If you have decided that a fifth wheel trailer is right for you, then let our Calgary RV specialists help you find the perfect model for your family. Please contact us at 403-207-1666 and let us help you find the fifth wheel trailer.

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