Why Finance an RV?

Financing an RV with Bucars is a great way to get that new RV you have been wanting in a way that works within your family’s budget. The finance team at Bucars works with you to find payments on your new RV that will work for you. This means we will get to know your family and financial situation to customize options such as amortization periods and payment schedules to your family.

Bucars offers a number of advantages that makes RV financing affordable. One of the keys to our great RV financing services is the low interest rates we are able to secure for our customers. Being in business since 1959 has gained us the highest reputation with our lenders, therefore we are able to offer the best rates and terms in the industry. Another reason why we are able to offer low RV payments is that we normally get much longer terms on our loans versus going direct to the banks. Another reason RV financing is affordable with Bucars is most of our RV loans are structured with zero down, meaning you don’t need any sort of down payment to finance an RV with us.

The Bucars RV financing department makes purchasing a new RV much more affordable and attainable than many people think. Most people don’t know that the payment on a new RV is the exact same as a payment on a 2-year-old RV. When purchasing a new RV the terms are longer but the interest rates are lower. When financing an RV with Bucars RVers can get into a $30,000 very well equipped RV for as little as $100 every two weeks. Once an RVer is presented with just how affordable an RV can be when financing through Bucars they will move forward with purchasing the RV they have always wanted.

At Bucars not only is financing an RV incredibly affordable, we also make the RV financing process exceptionally convenient. All the financing is handled through our dealership location so you don’t have to worry about making any bank appointments. We also provide peace of mind, at Bucars the RV is the only security against the loan. Your home, savings and investments are not used as collateral.


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