Financing Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Qualify for RV Financing?

At Bucars we have a dedicated RV financing department that works closely with all of our financing customers. They will provide a thorough walkthrough of the application process and everything that is required to apply for financing. Our strong relationship with lenders makes it easy for us to quickly process applications and successfully get many people looking for financing approved. If you are wondering if you qualify for RV financing please visit our finance department and let one of our experienced RV financing experts help you.

What Should I Bring When Applying for Financing?

Some lenders will require proof of income via current pay stubs and/or a job letter. Self-employed individuals may need their recent notice of assessments and possibly their T1 general tax return. A void cheque and sometimes proof of insurance are required as well.

Common Questions About RV Financing

Can I make additional payments?

Yes. Our loans are fully open so you can make additional payments, or pay it off completely anytime, without penalty.

Can I insure my loan payment?

Yes. We offer options for life, accident, health and even critical illness coverage to make sure your loan is fully protected.

I would like to purchase some parts and accessories in the parts department and add them to the loan. Is this possible?

Yes. Our parts specialists can offer you a myriad of items to enhance your camping experience and we can also add those into your finance package.


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