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Is a New or Used RV Right for your Family?

There are many factors to consider when trying to decide if a new or used RV is right for your family. It is not only the overall cost that makes one choice better than the other. To find out just which factors you should consider when trying to decide between a new or used RV, please read below.

Overall Cost

Naturally a used RV will cost less than a new one. This means two things; you can either purchase a used RV for less money than a similar new one, or you can purchase a used RV that has more features, is larger or a more expensive body type for the same price as a new unit. This means that if you are okay with a unit that is a little out of date and has been lived in you can save money or get more for your money.

Financing vs. Paying with Cash

Whether you are planning on financing your RV or paying for it all at once, it can affect which type of RV is best for your family. Typically when financing new units you can obtain a much lower interest rate compared to financing a used unit. Our finance team also usually is able to secure longer amortization periods for new units compared to used units. This means the financing payments of a more expensive new RV usually workout to be the same as a less expensive used RV. If your family is more concerned with a manageable bi-weekly or monthly payment than overall cost a new unit would be right for you. However if you are looking to purchase your RV with cash or upfront then saving on the overall cost of the RV will be important to you.


New units will come with a manufacturer warranty that will cover a large number of issues that can possibly arise with your RV. Used RVs will typically come without a warranty, unless in rare cases there is still some warranty remaining on the unit. Warranties add value to an RV saving you money on any repairs that need to be done within the warranty period. New RV’s offer better value in this regard as you will be covered the second your RV leaves the lot.

The Perfect Fit

If you are looking for a specific RV that can offer features and comforts that will be right for your family then a new RV should be your choice. If you are more flexible and open to certain features and floor plans then a used RV would work for your family. When purchasing a new RV you will have a large selection of floor plans and options to choose from, you will be able to get the exact RV you are looking for. When purchasing a used RV the floor plan and features of that RV cannot be changed, and you will not have a large selection of units to choose from. If getting the perfect RV is important to you and your family then purchasing a new RV would be the best choice for you.

Long Term vs. Short Term Ownership

Whether or not you are looking to own your RV for a long or short period of time should have an impact on whether you should purchase a new or used RV. If you are looking to own your next RV for many years then you should consider purchasing a new RV. A new RV would give you the peace of mind of a warranty, lower payments over a longer period of time and you don’t have to worry about miles someone else put on your RV before you had it. If you are looking for a more short term RVing solution or are looking to dip your toe in the RV waters then a used RV would be a good choice for you. With a used RV it will cost you less to purchase, and if it isn’t right for you, you will not lose a lot of value when trying to resell it. Simply put a new RV is a better fit for long term owners and a used RV is a better choice for short term owners.

Still Need Help Deciding?

If you are still not sure whether or not a used or new RV is the best fit for your family Bucars RV dealership can help. The RV experts at Bucars have helped thousands of families find the right RV for them. Our team will work with you closely and get to know your needs and expectations to find the perfect RV. To speak with one of our RV professionals please call us at 403-207-1666 or stop by our dealership location just north of Calgary.


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