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What Type of RV is Right for your Lifestyle?

At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we know that not all RVers are the same, in fact they are all very different. Knowing which type of RV is going to be the best fit for your family can be confusing and a difficult choice. Your family will need an RV that will fit your lifestyle perfectly and give you the best RVing experiences. Luckily at Bucars we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff who have gotten to know many RVing families. Their experience has given them the knowledge to match each lifestyle with an ideal RV type.

Weekend Warriors – Young Families – New RVers

If you are a family that is looking to primarily take the RV out on weekend camping trips, or if you’re a family with young children or you are new to RVing then there is an RV type that is ideal for you. If you fit in one of these categories then a travel trailer will be the best fit for your family. Travel trailers are one of the most affordable RV types there are, so you won’t be investing as much money as you would with other RV types. This means travel trailers are more accessible to the more casual RVers and put less pressure on families to RV every weekend, especially if you have young kids. Another great advantage of travel trailers for these lifestyle types is that they are easy to tow. Travel trailers are much more lightweight than any other RV type so they can be towed with an SUV and even some ultra-lites can be towed by a sedan.

Even though travel trailers are more affordable and smaller than other RV types they still deliver comfort. Travel trailers come with a wide range of features that make it more comfortable to visit the campground. Even large families can be comfortable in travel trailers as bunkhouse models and models with slideouts offer plenty of space.

Long Trip Takers – Older Families – Veteran RVers

If you are the type of family that likes to take RVing trips that last a few weeks, or a family with teenage children, or a family looking to upgrade their current RV then we have the RV type for you. If you’re family fits in one of the categories just listed then a fifth wheel trailer is the best RV type for you. Fifth wheel trailers are the easiest RV type to tow as they offer much more control and stability with the hitch mounted in the truck bed. This means they are much easier to take on long trips, the downside however is you will need a truck to tow it if you do not already have one. Another big advantage of fifth wheels is that they offer more living space than any other RV type, making it ideal for families with older kids who need their own space. Great features such as full ceiling heights, full size beds and multiple living areas makes fifth wheel trailers one of the most comfortable RV types available. Fifth wheels are better suited to the more committed RVers as they are a bigger investment financially than other RV types.

Cross Country Adventurers – Snow Birds – Full Time RVers

If your family is the type that will be spending a lot of time in your RV or are trading in their home to live in an RV full-time then there is an RV type that is right for you. If your family fits in the categories listed here then a motorhome would be your ideal RV type. Motorhomes offer RVers the comforts of home while on the road. If you are planning long road trips or cross country drives then motorhomes give you access to the living areas while on the road. This means someone can be driving while the other is making dinner or taking a much needed nap. Motorhomes also offer more storage than any other RV type making it easy to take all your stuff from home on the road with you. Motorhomes make being on the road feel like home with incredible amenities such as large showers, king size beds and island kitchen layouts. Motorhomes are best suited for the most committed of RVers as they are the most expensive RV type out there.

Dirt Bikers – ATVers – Off-Road Enthusiasts

If the most important part of getting away for the weekend is taking your toys with you then there is an RV type made for you. Toy haulers are the perfect RV’s for those who always take their dirt bikes, ATV’s, snowmobiles or any other type of toy out on trips with them. Toy haulers provide the space inside the RV to store and transport several off road vehicles while on the road. Once you reach your destination and unload your off-road vehicles your toy hauler offers a spacious and comfortable living space while at your destination. With a toy hauler you no longer have to decide whether to tow the off-road vehicles or the RV, or have to take two tow vehicles on one trip. Now you can take everything with you in one incredible RV.

Still Not Sure what RV is Right for your Family?

Sometimes families don’t fit into one type of lifestyle or they bridge across several. If this is the case and you still aren’t completely sure which RV type is right for your family then don’t worry. At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we have incredibly knowledgeable staff that have helped all types of families find the RV that is right for them. They can help you figure out what RV will be perfect for your family. To reach one of our expert RV specialists please call us at 403-207-1666 or visit our dealership location just north of Calgary.


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