Bucars Blog — June 5 2018

What is a Toy Hauler?

If you are someone where your reason for camping or hitting the open road is the opportunity to hop on your off-road vehicle, then toy haulers are made for you. RV manufacturers have learned how to deliver a spacious, comfortable and convenient camping trailer for off-road enthusiasts. Toy haulers are designed to allow an RVer to haul their dirt bikes or ATV’s in the camper while on the road. This means most toy haulers either have a ramp door in the rear or a large opening to be able to load and unload off-road vehicles. Essentially the front of toy hauler trailers are made up of a living space such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. While the rear of a toy hauler trailer is the designated cargo area for off-road vehicles.

Over time toy haulers have evolved to offer many of the same conveniences that you’d expect from full travel trailers or fifth wheels, while still delivering the hauling space avid off-roaders need. Since toy haulers appeal to those who prefer to leave the beaten path or paved roads this means they typically don’t have access to hookups. This is why they typically have larger freshwater tanks and built in generators. Toy haulers also typically push the limit in regards to width and ceiling height allowed, in order to deliver the most cargo space for as many toys as possible. Another common feature located in toy haulers is collapsible furniture; beds, couches and tables located in the rear will usually fold up against the wall or into the ceiling. This is to provide the maximum amount of storage space while on the road, while allowing RVers to expand their living space while settled at their destination.

One very important feature that impacts toy haulers more than any other RV type is durability. Since the cargo area of a toy hauler is meant for off-road vehicles, toy haulers need to be built to handle bumpy roads and remote camping areas. The interior also needs to be built with durability in mind since off-road vehicles will often be unloaded and loaded into the toy hauler. Durable cabinets, flooring and furniture are a must in any toy hauler.

If you are tired of using your truck to haul a trailer full of off-road vehicles and having to settle for a tent and only a few amenities when camping then a toy hauler is your answer. They allow you to combine the utility of a hauling trailer with the comforts of a travel trailer. If you are interested in taking a look at a toy hauler for yourself then please feel free to visit our dealership just north of Calgary. We have a large selection of toy haulers that can accommodate a wide range of budgets. We also have a number of RV specialist that can provide you with all the information you need on toy haulers. If you need more information but cannot stop by our location, please feel free to call our knowledgeable and helpful staff at 403-207-1666.


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