Bucars Blog — July 21 2016

What is a Hybrid Travel Trailer?

Here at Bucars RV we offer a wide selection of hybrid travel trailers. Many RVers come in looking for a standard travel trailer without knowing that a hybrid model is even an option. For a lot of RVers the hybrid travel trailer offers the exact accommodations many of them are looking for. To know if a hybrid travel trailer is right for your family you need to know the features and benefits of these RV body types. We will provide you with the information you need so you can make an informed decision as to whether a hybrid travel trailer is right for your family. For even more information on hybrid travel trailers please stop by our Calgary lot and let one of our RV specialists walk you through one in person.

Hybrid travel trailer overview

Let’s start by explaining what exactly a hybrid travel trailer is. A hybrid travel trailer looks just like any other travel trailer that is until you set it up, and then it changes into something that no longer looks like a normal camping trailer. It still has the hard side-body and roof but there is canvas slideouts coming out of one or both ends. The slideouts look a lot like the canvas slideouts you see on most tent trailers. In these canvas slideouts are sleeping spaces that do not add any extra weight to the hybrid travel trailer. Most of the time the additional slideouts sleep up to 2 people. The hybrid travel trailer operates as a mix of a traditional travel trailer body and the sleeping slideouts of a tent trailer.

Most popular advantage of a hybrid travel trailer

The most appealing advantage of the hybrid travel trailer is that the lightweight slideouts allow you to add more space without adding more weight. This is a great way to get a spacious travel trailer without having to upgrade your tow vehicle to something that can handle more weight. These lightweight trailers have been specifically designed to be towed behind 6-cylinder family vehicles.

The next great benefit of the hybrid travel trailer is the space that they offer. The slideouts offer ample sleeping space, and because the beds are outside of the floor area it makes the inside area feel much more roomy. Since the slideouts offer additional sleeping areas a hybrid travel trailer can sleep up to 8 people comfortably making it the right choice for larger families.

The hard body and roof of the hybrid travel trailer offers the protection against the elements that a conventional travel trailer would. This makes it better in less than ideal weather than any tent trailer and still offers the convenience of the canvas slideouts. The hybrid travel trailer is also very easy to set up, it can be done very quickly by two people. The hybrid travel trailer offers convenience, large living space and protection that many travel trailers and tent trailers cannot.

If you are looking for an RV that has all the advantages of a large travel trailer but is still lightweight enough for your family vehicle to tow then a hybrid travel trailer may be right for your family. For more information or to talk a look at a hybrid travel trailer in person, contact us at Bucars RV Dealer in Calgary at 403-207-1666.


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