Bucars Blog — September 16 2016

Must Have RV Accessories – Part 2

At Bucars RV dealership just north of Calgary we will have the right RV accessories that will turn a comfortable RV trip into a worry free, convenient and luxurious experience. This is why we are going to continue to list some of our favourite and most popular RV accessories, to help you get the most out of your next RV trip. All the accessories listed below are carried by our RV parts department, so if you see something you think would be great for you next RV trip just give our RV parts pros a call at 1-800-267-8348.

Tote and Store Containers

We all know them by a bunch of different names but let’s just stick with the honeypot or what we like to call the tote and store. These make transporting the waste away from your RV that much safer and easier.

Denver RV Mattresses

Bring the comforts of home with you whenever you go RVing with the Denver RV Mattress line of mattresses. Denver RV Mattress has brought home mattress quality to RV sizes. We offer everything from twin right up to king made specifically for RV’s.

Carmanah Solar Panels

We all like to park in the shade that is half the beauty of going into the bush and camping but in order to get sunlight to help charge those batteries we recommend the Carmanah portable solar panels.

RV Traveler’s Choice Vent Cover

With the Traveler’s Choice line of vent covers you can protect your roof vent lid from hail, it allows you to leave your vent open in the rain and it also allows you to keep your vents open while travelling. This helps continuously keep ventilation throughout your RV regardless of the weather or where your next adventure takes you.

TRC RV Surge Protectors

With the TRC line of surge protectors you’re protecting your investment for years to come. We have everything from your basic surge protection right up to power leveling.

Camco Stove top Covers

Is counter space at a premium in your RV? Why not turn your stove top into a usable cutting board with Camco’s bamboo cutting board. It has rubber feet on the back that attach down to the grill, so it will not move around in while in use or in travel.

Camco Dual Tank Flush

Are your sensors reading full? A good way to prevent this is by making sure your waste tank is rinsed thoroughly after RVing. A good way of doing that is with Camco’s dual flush pro, this allows you to flood and drain the tank all from the dump valve location.

Camco Cutlery Tray

With the Camco cutlery tray you can fit it in any sized drawer. It expands up to 24-inches so you can get all of your cutlery into one tray, or if you have a very narrow drawer it is still going to fit in.

Briggs and Stratton RV Generators

Do you need portable power wherever you go? For that answer we rely on Briggs and Stratton. Come into Bucars RV today and see all the options we have to handle your RV power needs.

Andersen Camper and RV Leveler

Introducing the Andersen camper leveler. This leveler makes leveling simple and straightforward when you first get into the RV park. You simply put them in front of your wheels and drive ahead until your unit is level.

Did you see an accessory that would be perfect for your next RV trip? Well either stop by Bucars just minutes north of Calgary or call our RV parts pros at 1-800-267-8348 and let us help you find the accessories you are looking for.


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