Bucars Blog — April 12 2017

Great Parts & Accessories for 2017

King Outdoor Entertainment System

Music like home, wherever you roam! Add this high quality, weatherproof speaker to your RV and stream all of your favorite music directly to your campsite. Replace your existing exterior light to add energy efficient, long lasting LED lighting and a premium sounding, hard wired Bluetooth® speaker to the exterior of your RV.

Titan 15’ Dump Kit

New Thetford Titan™ is exactly what you need to make emptying the holding tanks more pleasant – and its premium-quality features are what RVers have come to expect from the sanitation expert. Proprietary TPE properties provide the highest degree of puncture and abrasion resistance, and help Titan excel in extreme temperatures. Simply put, Titan is the toughest, longest-lasting, best-value sewer hose on the market!


Zero G Drinking water Hose

Research with hose purchasers overwhelmingly indicates a preference for hoses which offer light weight, easy handling, kink resistance and lasting performance. The zero-G™ advanced hose design takes these must-haves to a higher level than ever before.

FireBugz Smogglez

We all love the warmth and wonder of a well-made campfire. But, when the wind shifts and the smoke heads directly to you, it can make your eyes sting and tear up, making for a less-than-perfect experience.  With Smogglez you never have to worry about getting smoke in your eyes. The UV protection amber lens enhances the look of the fire – day or night.

Nebo Tempra Thermometer & Spot Light

Use the laser-guided infrared thermometer to make sure your fridge is at the right temperature, and your hubs are running cool. The TEMPRA™, just one more way NEBO® helps get the job done.

Furrion Rear Observation system

Furrion’s observation system boasts amazing features including the latest in digital wireless technology, eliminating interference from the outside environment. The powerful infrared wide-angle lens camera digitally locks to the 4.3” LCD color display and delivers seamless video transfer for specialty vehicles up to 100ft in length.

Trimax Umax100 Coupler Lock

Trimax universal dual purpose coupler locks fit all couplers from 1 7/8″, 2″, to 2 5/16″, all coupler types.  Featuring a key hole cover that slides up to seal out dirt and grime. An attractive ballistic grade nylon housing absorbs hammer blows and protects against weather. Plus a Type A key which is spring loaded, 7 pin, high security key. Resists attempted drill outs. Rugged and durable, the key will not bend or break.


Rayzar Automatic Digital TV Antenna

Spend more time watching TV and enjoying the great outdoors and spend less time pointing your antenna. Introducing the Rayzar Automatic, Winegard’s first fully automatic amplified digital HDTV antenna. The Rayzar Automatic provides maximum HDTV content available in your area, capable of receiving both VHF and UHF signals, and automatically aiming towards the channels to provide more coverage.

Matrix 6V Sealed AGM Battery

Our Premium AGM Batteries are Sealed and Maintenance Free. They are Spill Proof, will not leak, and can withstand most freezing temperatures, no adding water or equalizing, and won’t gas. Matrix Infinity Batteries are engineered with advanced technology, meeting and exceeding most competition.

RV LTE Mobile Wifi Hotspot


Keep in touch with loved ones wherever, or whenever you travel. From backcountry Alberta to sunny Florida. Custom packages from 1GB  to 10GB,  or from 3 days to 12 months. No ugly contract! We offer total flexibility. Connect up to 100 devices, 1-3 Watt output for better coverage and Dual SIM (Canada and US). Some of the most affordable data packages in North America.


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