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Essential RV Accessories and our Favourites

To make an RV trip truly great most RVers know you’ll need more than just your trailer or motorhome to make it a comfortable adventure. There are many RV accessories that will make any camping trip more convenient and relaxing. In the eyes of the Bucars RV parts department there are some RV accessories that are essential when RVing and some that aren’t essential but we particularly enjoy.

Essential RV Accessories

The first thing you’ll need when you arrive at your camping spot and one of the most important RV accessories you should have with you is something to level your RV with. This can be something as simple as plastic levelling blocks, which we sometimes call “Lego for adults,” or something like the Anderson Camper leveler that makes levelling your RV easier and allows you to get it perfectly level.

Once your RV is in place and level you will want to ensure that it stays in place. To make sure your RV stays where you set it up you will want to bring something to chock the wheels with. At the Bucars RV department we have a variety of wheel chocks. We can set you up with something as basic as plastic wheel chocks. We also carry more elaborate chocks such as the X-chock, which goes between the tires on a dual-axle trailer and takes away all the movement that occurs when you walk around your RV.

Now that your RV is level and you’ve made sure it isn’t going anywhere it is time to connect your RV to the campsite hookups. To ensure this process goes safely and smoothly we recommend everyone use a water pressure regulator. A water pressure regulator will prevent damage to your RV’s water hose and the plumbing inside. We also recommend that all RVers have a good quality surge protector to protect their RV from unpredictable power fluctuations. Another way to protect your RV when connecting to campsite hookups is ensuring you have a good quality sewer hose. This is one area where you don’t want any failure.

Now that you’re all set up it is time to head inside the RV and a few essential accessories you want in there include toilet chemical and proper RV toilet paper. Keeping odours at bay and keeping the black tank clean and functioning properly can prevent some very unpleasant situations down the road.

Another very important accessory to keep in your RV is a high visibility vest. If you travel enough, a roadside breakdown is almost inevitable and when working on the side of a busy highway safety is critical.

For those RVers that have a trailer we would recommend ensuring you have a high quality hitch lock. While nothing will stop a truly determined thief, if you can make it inconvenient for a criminal you give yourself the best chance of not losing a camping season because someone took your RV.

Our Favourite Accessories

A lot of our RV parts and accessories experts love having the Andersen Rapid Jack with them when they head out with their RV’s. It is a simple device but when you need to change a tire on a dual-axle trailer it makes the process quick and easy. The Andersen Rapid Jack is far lighter than a hydraulic jack and much faster than waiting for roadside assistance to come rescue you.

Another favourite among our parts and accessory specialists is the Zero-G water hose. Unlike a traditional white plastic hose, the Zero-G is very flexible and can be rolled up into a tight ball without kinking. It’s lighter than a traditional hose, it takes up less space and two things RVers are always trying to save are space and weight.

We all love to save power when RVing especially when visiting camping areas without hookups. A great accessory that will have your batteries or generator lasting longer is LED lighting. Often LED light bulbs will consume 1/10th the power of traditional bulbs. This means swapping out the light bulbs in your RV will yield immediate power savings.

Bucars RV dealership just north of Calgary has the largest RV parts and accessories department in Alberta. This means you will find a lot more accessories than just the ones we’ve mentioned above. Come visit our parts department and let our experts help you find the accessory you are looking for, or just browse our extensive collection of accessories. To contact our RV parts and accessories department please call 403-207-1666.


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