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At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we are very particular as to what RV brands we carry. We are dedicated to providing our customers with only the most high quality and reliable RV’s available. This is why when we heard that RV Care, Canada’s largest RV dealer network was coming out with its own line of travel trailers in Canada we were beyond excited. Bucars RV is a proud member of the RV Care dealer network and knows first hand just how committed RV Care is to providing RVers the best possible products. That is why we are now very proud to be carrying the Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer at our dealership location. The Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite is designed to simplify camping with 5 different floor plans and still provide unparalleled convenience and innovation with an abundance of features. The Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite delivers an incredible RVing experience that can fit your family and budget.

Coachmen RV Quality and Service

The Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer is manufactured by the quality driven team at Coachmen RV. The RV Care dealer network has a long-standing relationship with Coachmen RV and recognizes their excellence in quality manufacturing and commitment to service. This is why RV Care has partnered with Coachmen RV to exclusively offer one of the best travel trailers they’ve ever manufactured to the Canadian market. RV Care and Coachmen RV have the same commitment to growing the RV industry in Canada by providing RVs that deliver exceptional experiences.

Camping Simplified

At Bucars we are excited to offer the Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer and let us tell you why. The Northern Spirit was designed with one question in mind: How can your camping experience be made more enjoyable? The way the Northern Spirit was designed to do this is by using the concept camping simplified. What is camping simplified? It’s providing all of the little things, in the right places, to give you the best camping experience possible. Whether it’s a laundry hamper and toothbrush holder in the bathroom, a place to hide your valuables, or a convenient storage area for your sink covers and fishing poles camping simplified is there to make your life easier.

Pet Friendly Features

Another way Coachmen RV designed the Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer to offer an experience no other RV can, was their focus on RVers with pets. Coachman RV knows that many RVers are pet lovers and take their pets with them out on their adventures. This is why they set out to make the Northern Spirit the most pet friendly RV available. RVers with pets will love these pet friendly camping simplified features including a pet centre, dog wash and even an exterior dog leash clip. Camping is about relaxation and having fun, let the Northern Spirit do this not only for you but also for your furry companion.

Simple Features That Make a Big Difference

The Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer provides luxury features that you will find in many high quality RV’s, but what makes the Northern Spirit different is its focus on the simple additions that make a world of difference. These features include motion activated floor lights, hanger closet, valuables hutch, laundry hamper, sofa cup holders, kids convenience centre, motion activated pass through storage lights, bottle opener, sink cover storage and more. Placing an emphasis on making camping a simpler experience is what allows the Northern Spirit to deliver an RV experience like no other.

See One for Yourself

To truly understand what allows the Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer offer an unparalleled camping experience you have to see one for yourself. The RV experts at Bucars RV dealership can walk you through on of the many incredible Northern Spirit models we have on our lot. They will give you an in-depth explanation as to why we are so excited about the Northern Spirit. For more information on the Northern Spirit Ultra-Lite travel trailer please call us at 403-207-1666 or visit our dealership location just north of Calgary.


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