Bucars Blog — March 7 2014

Government of Alberta Allocates Funds To Alberta Parks

We are excited to hear that the Government of Alberta will be allocating a good portion of the recently passed Budget 2014 to Alberta Parks and Recreation project, bettering the already amazing landscape we call home. Bucars recently read a letter from Minister of Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Richard Starke that outlines the attention the Goverment of Alberta will be paying to the parks and recreation areas we RVers often visit and enjoy.

An excerpt from Minister Starke’s email:

Budget 2014-15 allocates $1 million to the transition of five new wildland provincial parks and nine new provincial recreation areas as part of our government’s Lower Athabasca Regional Plan. The plan will create additional opportunities for Albertans and visitors to recreate and connect with nature, as well as protect our natural areas for future generations.

Funding has also been allocated to maintain and enhance parks infrastructure and the excellent programs and services that Albertans and visitors have come to expect in our beautiful provincial parks. This fiscal year, more than $16 million in capital funding will support various capital refurbishment projects throughout the province.

We will also continue to restore the trails, campgrounds and other amenities in southern Alberta destroyed by the flood last summer.

As Minister, I am proud that our parks provide visitors with unforgettable experiences that are set against a spectacular backdrop of mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and vibrant sunsets and sunrises.

So what do WE think of this deal? We think it’s great! Spring and our RVing season can’t come soon enough. Happy days!

– Bucars



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