Bucars Blog — June 13 2014

Best Father’s Day gifts for the RV loving Dad

(Let us start by saying, feel free to forward this to your kids.)

Dads rock, don’t they? They likely taught you how to whittle your first roasting stick, chop wood, pull off a tick, and tie a decent knot. What does he get in return?

Carri Chef

Carri Chef Deluxe (available at Bucars)

This all in one outdoor cooking grill is all your dad ever needed to check his manhood.

Ice Maker

Dometic Compact Portable Ice Maker (available at Bucars)

Tell your dad to stop whining about melted ice and get him this perfect remedy.

Music Card

iTunes gift card 

So he can download sweet traveling apps, games, or road trip music.


A Headlamp

No guy should ever go camping without a headlamp. Ever.

LED bulbs

Camco LED Light Bulbs (available at Bucars)

Partly because they’ll last longer than traditional bulbs but more because they’re just awesome.

Bike Wall Mount

Bike Wall Mount

Enough storing the bike in the shed or in a heaping pile in the garage. Your Dad needs to keep his bike happy with a great looking wall mount. Like with this one from Mission Bicycle Company.

LED awning light

LED awning light strip (available at Bucars)

Patio lanterns were so 2013. Light up the trailer patio with strips of LED lighting goodness.


Netflix subscription

With shows like House of Cards and Breaking Bad taking over watercooler topics, it’s best time your Dad was in on the conversation. No?


Rdio subscription rdio.com

Dad loves music that you likely don’t love, so let him listen to what he wants. Rdio is a great option for unlimited music at home, the office, or on the road.

Happy Socks

Great looking socks

Just because he’s camping doesn’t mean he can’t wear great looking socks. Get him three pairs of Happy Socks from the good folks at Luke’s Drug Mart or The Bay.


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